8 Best Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kits for Beginners

For fast cutting or welding jobs, the best oxy-acetylene torch kit should be easy to operate and lightweight. You’ll need hoses long enough to reach anywhere in the work vicinity, and control knobs that operate smoothly. Portability is a major concern, because you never know where you will need to take the kit for your … Read more

Beginners Guide to Oxy-Acetylene Welding

oxy-acetylene beginner tips

Oxy-Acetylene welding is a tried and true method for fusing metals. It combines oxygen and acetylene gases to form a superheated flame that melts and joins two pieces of metal. It is an intricate process that requires a great degree of skill, focus and patience, but don’t be discouraged. With the right information and proper application … Read more

3 Best Welding Helmets for Comfort and Safety

best welding helmets

Comfort and “wearability” are very important for helmets that are going to be used regularly or for long periods. Safety of course is even more important, and the best welding helmet will always include a face shield with an auto-darkening lens. Single shade lenses are still available, but require you to take your attention away … Read more

2 Best Plasma Cutters to Slice Through Metal

best plasma cutters

No, it’s not out of a sci-fi movie, but actually quite handy for a variety of applications. The best plasma cutter is lightweight, yet powerful, and able to efficiently cut a wide variety of metals and alloys. It needs to have a long reach, and be designed to allow for cutting in tight spaces. Plasma cutters … Read more

Intro to Plasma Cutting for Beginners

plasma cutting for beginners

The basics of plasma cutting are similar to TIG welding. It’s a process which uses a high-velocity jet of ionized gas (typically air) through a constricting orifice (small nozzle). This ionized gas (plasma), conducts electricity from the electrode (torch) to the work piece. When the arc makes contact with the conductive material you want to … Read more