Best Hammer Drills for Concrete and Masonary

best hammer drill

Chances are, the everyday handyman has never considered adding a hammer drill to their collection. However, these powerful drills are able to easily outperform a normal drill when dealing with hard materials, and quickly earn their keep. Some can even double as a regular drill. Read on to learn more about hammer drills and to … Read more

Best Garage Heaters to Stay Warm in Winter

Traditionally, the garage has been a place to store junk (and sometimes a car or two). This role has changed significantly in recent years, with the space doubling as a workshop, mechanic shop, gym, or additional living space. Concerns over weather in increasingly hostile winters make environmental control that much more important regardless of your … Read more

The Best Hacksaw for All-Purpose Use

hacksaw reviews

The hacksaw of today is a far cry from the simple hacksaw designs of yesteryear. Manufactured with lightweight alloys, today’s best hacksaws are designed for higher dependability, straighter cuts, and dependable results. A hacksaw is essentially a metal-cutting version of of a bow saw (wood-cutting) but with more teeth for cleaner cuts. Professional craftsmen rely on … Read more

Best Socket Sets for the Money

best socket set

A good socket set will be one of the most important things to have in your tool collection. While you can get away skimping on some tools, this shouldn’t be one of them. There are a few common factors that make the top rated socket set stand apart from the rest. One of those factors … Read more

Best Lighting for Your Garage or Shop

It’s a common scene in fiction: A person walks into a workshop or smithy. The room is dark, smoky, and lit mainly by a few faint lamps or tube lights, with red hues dancing about the walls from a forge. Now try to picture yourself working in a similar environment. In truth, most forges and … Read more

Best Impact Sockets for Maximum Torque

One of the worst mistakes a DIYer can make is to buy cheap tools. Buying cheap tools meant for high torque applications is a recipe for disaster. That’s not to say you can’t buy good impact sockets at a reasonable price, but you should always shop around cautiously to avoid something that will snap into … Read more

Best Bow Saws for Fast, Smooth Cuts

As with any tool, the best bow saw is the one that fits your needs and not simply the most expensive model. In the specific case of a bow saw, look for one that is long enough to cut through the limbs or lumber you typically work with, and has the right number of teeth to … Read more

Best Ball Peen Hammers to Shape, Flatten, or Set Rivets

Choosing the best ball peen hammer (or ball-pein hammer) means selecting a tool that’s designed to work best for the projects you typically work on. The smaller 8 ounce models are ideal for light use such as upholstery or fabrication and the larger 24 or even 32 ounce hammers are best for heavy use and serious … Read more

Best Tool Chests and Cabinets for the Money (Quality Matters)

One of the most common mistakes made by DIYers is to try and keep their tools in the original packaging. This may seem a great way to store tool sets initially, but even the best plastic cases will break with time. Pegboard storage also has limited benefit, making it essential to have a sturdy storage … Read more

Save Space With The Top Overhead Storage Racks

The best overhead storage rack is easy to install and use, holds a lot of items, and supports enough weight to be useful. All of the top ranked overhead garage racks featured here offer a different set of features, but each one is also a great example of how a small device like a garage … Read more