Best Welding Helmets for Comfort and Safety

Comfort and “wearability” are very important for helmets that are going to be used regularly or for long periods. Safety of course is even more important, and the best welding helmet will always include a face shield with an auto-darkening lens. Single shade lenses are still available, but require you to take your attention away … Read more

Cut Threads Quickly With The Best Tap and Die Sets

The best tap and die set contains a wide assortment of taps and dies. Since there are two standards in the U.S., you should purchase a set that offers both metric and SAE sizes. Unless you are extremely slow and careful, using plenty of cutting oil is going to be crucial to successful threading, as … Read more

Best Fire Extinguishers for Your Garage

One of the most important items for any shop or garage, and one that gets overlooked far too often, is a good fire extinguisher. Whether you’re an auto mechanic, welder, woodworker or anything in between, the materials you use may pose a fire danger. Having the best fire extinguisher for the job is key. A … Read more

Best Work Gloves for Mechanics and Construction Workers

If you want the best work gloves, you need to look at those that are specially designed for heavy use. The finger and palm padding from most of the top rated models usually means that they are not well suited for detail work, but it protects your palms and fingers from splinters, sharp edges and … Read more

The 2 Best Plasma Cutters to Slice Through Metal

Hypertherm Powermax30 XP plasma cutter

No, it’s not out of a sci-fi movie, but actually quite handy for a variety of applications. The best plasma cutter is lightweight, yet powerful, and able to efficiently cut a wide variety of metals and alloys. It needs to have a long reach, and be designed to allow for cutting in tight spaces. Plasma cutters … Read more

Top Rated Garage Bike Racks to Match Your Style

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or simply enjoy occasional rides with the family, the best garage bike rack will save floor space and protect your bike (or bikes) against scratches. The selection of garage bike racks reviewed here includes three very different lift and storage designs to fit a wide variety of bicycle storage needs. Not every … Read more

The 3 Best Adjustable Wrenches to Add to Your Toolbox

Having a good adjustable wrench (sometimes referred to as a crescent wrench – although that’s actually a specific brand of adjustable wrench) in your tool kit, can save the day when nothing else will do. The adjustable jaws allow you to grip bolts that that are no longer suitable for fixed-size wrenches, and quick jobs … Read more

Best First Aid Kits for Minor Injuries to Emergencies

No matter where you go or what you do, the potential for minor injuries is never more than a slip or stumble away. To help you be prepared for emergencies, you should always have a good first aid kit on hand. The best first aid kit will include antiseptics, a variety of gauze and bandages, and general … Read more

Fast Accurate Work Demands the Best Punch and Chisel Set

Getting a job done often demands having the best punch and chisel set possible to remove stripped screws, cut off bolt heads, or punches to set or remove screws or nails. For many people, a basic punch and chisel set is all that’ll ever be needed, including tools like metal cutting chisels and an assortment of … Read more

The 3 Best Drill Bit Sets are Cutting Edge

The very best drill bits are made of high quality metal such as cobalt or titanium. The set should include all commonly used sizes, and small increments can be very important to avoid making holes that are too small for proper use or too large for a firm hold. Look for self-penetrating bits to reduce … Read more