3 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks to Get Organized

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Updated on December 3, 2020

The best overhead garage storage rack is easy to install and use, holds a lot of items, and supports enough weight to be useful. All of the top ranked overhead garage racks featured here offer a different set of features, but each one is also a great example of how a small device like a garage rack can free up an amazing amount of floor space.

Whether you have a 1-car, 2-car, or 3-car garage, space always seems to be at a premium as we acquire more and more “stuff”. If all you’re doing is storing the family Christmas ornaments and some Styrofoam balls, a high fixed rack will do fine, but storing heavier, bulkier things may require a little more innovative design.

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Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Good things fit into small places, and the Fleximounts overhead storage rack is a great example. The rack is made of powder-coated steel for durability and measures 4 feet by 8 feet, but that little size can support a whopping 600 pounds — the maximum weight traditionally framed ceilings are rated for.

The space between the rack and the ceiling can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches to give you some versatility. Best of all, it comes as a kit that is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. While it’s possible for one person to install, it’s highly recommended to get a 2nd person to help you out (your shoulders will thank you).

The Fleximounts 4×8 storage rack works great, but isn’t perfect. Some users have reported the center slightly sagging when it’s loaded up to near capacity. If you plan on approaching the 600 lb limit, you may want to keep the heavier items close to the ends of the rack as opposed to the middle. It’s similar to when you load up a shelf in your garage fridge with 24 cans of soda or beer. If you put everything in the middle, the wire shelf with flex or sag. Or simply look at a heavier duty rack.

But for most people, they won’t even come close to the weight limit. A few owners have reported a couple missing nuts or bolts in the box but the company’s customer service was top notch when it came to taking care of these issues.

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Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift Elevator Storage Rack

The PHL-1R is another innovative design worth taking a look at. The rack is compact, measuring only 4×4 feet, but it is durable enough to lift a maximum weight of 250 pounds. But what makes this model stand apart is the unique pulley and cable design used for raising or lowering the storage platform (similar to overhead bike racks).

The gear system makes it easy to lift a rack full of equipment, while the simple design cuts down on parts that wear out over time. Installation is fast and easy, but the lack of supplemental hooks and hangers cuts down on how useful the rack can really be out of the box. But if you want easy accessibility, this elevator type lift is hard to beat.

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HyLoft 540 Overhead Storage System

The Hyloft 540 is the most basic of the garage storage racks we review. It is not much more than a wire suspension rack supported by 4 metal bars. This is also the smallest storage rack on our list, and measures only 45 inches on a side. A small footprint does not mean a weak rack, though, and this model is still capable of holding up to 250 pounds.

The Hyloft 540 does not come with hangers, but it is really geared toward a simpler, more straightforward application. If you main goal is an affordable metal storage rack, this model fits the description without any unnecessary frills to jack up the price.

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