3 Best Garage Bike Racks for Out-of-the-Way Storage

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Whether you’re an avid cyclist or simply enjoy occasional rides with the family, the best garage bike rack will save floor space and protect your bike (or bikes) against scratches.

The selection of garage bike racks reviewed here includes three very different lift and storage designs to fit a wide variety of bicycle storage needs. Not every design is an overhead rack, and make sure to get one that will protect as many bikes as you have to store.

While the inexpensive lift hoist is great if you have one or two bicycles, we would recommend a ceiling rack system such as the Saris for anything more than a couple bikes.

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Garage Bike Rack Reviews

#1 – RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist

The RAD bike lift is nothing like the competition. A patented pulley design lifts the bike vertically for safe storage at the height you want. Because it will hoist up to 100 lbs easily, the RAD bike lift is the top garage bike rack for those with lifting or movement limitations.

This system even gives you more wiggle room, working on ceilings of up to 12 feet. The rack also has a safe locking mechanism to make sure there is no slippage after you walk away from the hoist. The similar pulley system is also used commonly for cargo box and kayak storage.

RAD-bike-lift-hoist-reviewThere are improvements that could be made, but not many. The screws that come with the lift are not really up to the job, so it’s a good idea to pick up some heavier mounting screws. Other than that, the only complaints concern minor fraying at the ends of the straps, a problem few people will ever face.

If you have more than one bike, you will also need multiple RAD bike hoists, because the innovative pulley system will only work for a single bicycle. Update: This bike hoist now comes as a 2-pack, making this an even better deal.

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#2 – Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Bike Rack

The Saris Cycle Glide uses a more traditional design, with sliding tracks that allow each bicycle to be conveniently stored upside down from the ceiling.

This model is probably the best garage bike rack for families, because it is built to hold up to 4 bikes, and there is a 2-bike add-on available that allows storage of up to 6.

Those with overhead racks for general storage will find this ceiling rack matches almost seamlessly.

The rack is not meant for heavier bicycles, and has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs per bike (which is fine for 99% of cases). A lot of that weight capacity is based on the screws that come with the rack, and you will achieve more stable storage by swapping them out with better fasteners or even having the rack mounted by a licensed contractor.

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#3 – Stoneman Sports Bike Storage Rack

The Stoneman storage rack brings an interesting storage concept to the table. An adjustable support post stands from floor to ceiling, and each post will hold up to 2 bikes.

The rack is adjustable for frame size and shape, and will securely hold up to 80 pounds per rack.

The one thing you will need to watch on a Q-rack is to tighten the clamps securely when storing a bicycle. Vibrations and air movements can cause them to slip slightly if not properly adjusted. In many garages, this could be the recommended bike rack solely because of the space-saving vertical pole design.

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