Building vs. Buying a Shed (Which is Better?)

buy or build garden shed

Sheds are used by gardeners, farmers, and outdoor hobbyists alike. They not only add value and appeal to your space but also offer additional storage to keep garden tools, equipment, and other items. When it comes to getting a shed, you can either buy and install it as is or decide to build from scratch. … Read more

3 Best Overhead Storage Racks to Save Garage Space

The best overhead storage rack is easy to install and use, holds a lot of items, and supports enough weight to be useful. All of the top ranked overhead garage racks featured here offer a different set of features, but each one is also a great example of how a small device like a garage … Read more

4 Best Workbenches for Your Garage or Shop

Every shop and garage needs a good workbench for DIY projects. A minimal workbench is all some shop owners require, while others believe the best workbench is one with a few frills. Our top picks illustrate four distinct types of workbenches for your consideration and we threw in some suggestions for turning your workbench into a DIY … Read more

4 Best Reloading Benches and Stands for Ammo Enthusiasts

Reloading your spent cartridges and shotgun shells is a great way for gun enthusiasts to save money over a period of time. Whether you already have a reloading press and need a more dedicated area to work or you’d like to get your area ready first, getting a the best reloading bench or stand for … Read more

3 Best Socket Organizers to Stop Losing That 10mm Socket

Have you ever been deep in the middle of a project only to reach for a socket and not be able to find it? Sockets are notorious for rolling around the toolbox, falling off of work benches, and being generally difficult to find. Having an actual system to organize your sockets will make life a … Read more

How to Dispose of Old Gas, Paint, or Motor Oil

We all know the feeling. You’ve had those old cans of paint or cans of stale gas lying on the shelves in your garage for years with the constant attention of getting rid of them at some point. Of course, now that you’ve finally decided to get around to cleaning the garage out, you realize … Read more

12 Steps to an Organized Garage

Is your garage so full of clutter that you can’t even fit your car in there anymore? Have you been in the unfortunate position of having to purchase an item you already own because you can’t find it in the disorganized mess? Wouldn’t it be great to have a garage that can house your car and … Read more

7 Best Air Hose Reels for Convenience and Organization

If you’re a serious Do It Yourselfer, you obviously understand the benefits of a home air compressor. But have you discovered the awesomeness of a good air hose reel for your shop? A safe and organized garage is key. The best air hose reel will put a stop to common annoyances and safety hazards such as getting the hose … Read more