Recommended First Aid Kits To Tackle Any Emergency in 2018

No matter where you go or what you do, the potential for minor injuries is never more than a slip or stumble away. To help you be prepared for emergencies, you should have a good first aid kit available. The best first aid kit will include antiseptics, a variety of gauze and bandages, and general medications such as antihistamines and over-the-counter pain relievers. For people on the go, the kit should be lightweight and compact enough to fit into a backpack, glove compartment, or in some other convenient and accessible storage location.


The Complete First Aid Kit

best-first-aid-kitFor applications which must conform to government safety standards, this is the best first aid kit on the market. It conforms to ANSI standards and federal 510K sterile standards. That means that this kit works just as well in an office or jobsite environment as it does on the road or open trail. It includes items that you will not find in the average first aid kit, such as an ice pack and the patented tooth saver kit for preserving teeth in an emergency.

You will also find the assortment of bandages, tourniquets, and first aid treatments found in most first aid kits, including the ever-handy Ace-style stretch bandage that can be used for everything from a sprained wrist to a broken leg.

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On the downside, the Complete First Aid Kit could have been organized a little better. The ice pack and other items sit on top of the other items, making it difficult to get to the things you need without risking contamination of items you do not need at the moment. It is a shame that a kit which has so much to offer failed to take field usage into consideration. And even though extra space for additional items not included in the kit would have been nice, keeping the container compact understandably limited the manufacturer’s ability to give wiggle room to everyone who buys it.

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Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit

injuries-in-the-garageIf you need a kit that will go anywhere, the Coleman Expedition is the best first aid kit for your money. It measures less than 8 inches on the longest side, and weighs only 14.4 ounces, making it half the weight and a third smaller than the leading competitor. It contains 205 pieces of gear, including all of the most commonly used first items, and this kit includes a little extra space to allow you customize it with items that meet your group’s particular needs.

Coleman is a leading manufacturer of camping and sporting equipment, and this kit is another example of why the company is so well liked. On the downside, the kit does not come with enough documentation for the average person, and some prior knowledge of first aid techniques may be required to use all of the items included.

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