Parts of a Ladder (with Diagrams)

parts of a ladder

When attempting to reach overhead objects, few tools are of as much value as a ladder. Ladders allow us to reach the unreachable and make the best possible use out of space in our garages and homes. While ladder use is relatively straightforward, most individuals never stop to consider the true value of each ladder-related … Read more

27 Different Types of Ladders (and Their Uses)

types of ladders

One seldom considers the value of a ladder, until they are attempting to reach what would otherwise be unreachable. When we pause to think about our day to day lives, we quickly realize that ladders of one type or another play a pivotal role in virtually all that we do. From activities surrounding work to … Read more

9 Best Knee Pads (for Flooring, Construction, and Tile Work)

best knee pads for flooring

If you have ever spent any length of time crawling on concrete while plumbing a house, completing HVAC projects, navigating crawlspaces, or working construction, then you are well aware of just how painful this can be. After only a few hours in such an environment, one’s knees begin to swell and bruise. However, a quality … Read more

8 Best Miter Saw Stands (With and Without Wheels)

best miter saw stand

Every carpenter, whether an avid proponent of DIY work or a seasoned professional, knows the importance of achieving clean, accurate cuts. When attempting to make precise crosscuts, few tools are as significant in value as a good miter saw. However, often overlooked is the value of a quality miter saw stand. A miter saw stand … Read more

7 Best Step Stools (for Safety and Portability)

best step stool

Unlike the traditional step ladder, the step stool is designed for giving you just enough of a height boost for reaching areas in your kitchen, shop, or garage you otherwise couldn’t get to. It has the added benefit of providing you with a portable seat for working at multiple locations. While many of the best … Read more

8 Best Saw Horses (for Jobsite or DIY Use)

saw horse reviews

Sawhorses are an unsung hero in the workplace. These simple devices make it easy to measure and cut wooden planks, boards, and even sometimes serve as legs for makeshift tables. There are a lot of different models out there, not all of which are up to par, so we’ve narrowed down the field to make … Read more

13 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close (or Won’t Open)

garage door won't work

Back in the day, garage doors were simple panels of wood that lifted up and slid into the ceiling. By comparison, a modern garage door types is a complicated device, relying on several subsystems to properly function. Some of these sub-assembly systems control the door’s movement, while others are safety features that ensure the door … Read more

7 Best Jack Stands You Can Bet Your Life On

best jack stands

During a one-year study period, 4,822 people were treated in emergency rooms due to floor jack failure. Isn’t that reason enough for every home mechanic to get the best jack stands they can afford? When you shop for jack stands, you need to look at a few things… weight capacity for a set of two, … Read more

8 Best Garage Door Openers (Fast, Quiet, and Secure)

best garage door openers

Once upon a time, people would get out of their car and open the garage door by hand. Then someone came up with the nifty idea of a remote controlled garage door. The result was an invention notorious for noise, slow movement, getting stuck, and breaking. Today, the original vision of an automatic garage door … Read more

7 Best Step Ladders for Home or Jobsite Use (6-Ft and 8-Ft)

best step ladder

Owning a good step ladder can make life easier in a number of common (and uncommon) chores. From cleaning windows and gutters to changing bulbs and cleaning the display space above your kitchen cabinets, there are plenty of times when the best ladder for the job will also be your best friend. The most common … Read more