The Best Table Saw in 2018 for Fast Clean Cuts

The domain of fast, smooth rip cutting belongs to the table saw, but the design of the saw can have a big impact on how useful it will be. These three top-ranked table saws in our list all come from leading manufacturers, and the traits which set them apart are more apparent in the accessories and table design than in the power and performance available. Regardless of which one appeals most to you, your garage or shop is not complete without one of the best table saw models on the market.


Dewalt DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw

Dewalt is no stranger to our top recommendations and many consider this model to be one of best table saws for the money. The table can handle widths of up to 32 inches out of the box, and the standard 10-inch blade will cut through a thickness of 3 1/2 inches. One of the most appealing feature is the collapsible stand that transforms from a work table into a rolling hand truck quickly and easily. Best of all, the stand is very stable, and supports enough weight for you to make any cuts that the saw’s 15 amp motor is capable of.

Whether you’re ripping soft or hard woods, the DWE7491RS is built “jobsite” tough but simple enough for a weekend hobbyist to take on home projects. To help you reduce dust and keep your work area manageable, this unit include a dust exhaust port that can be connected to a shop vac or other vacuum system.

top-rated-jobsite-table-sawThe biggest disadvantage of the DWE7491RS is that it does not accept accessories from older models like the 744. This is an inconvenience for people who need to use the dado plate or other tools, but it does not affect the day-to-day operation of the machine. Other complaints revolve around the stand and the fact that it requires a bit of assembly before use. Even with these slight negatives, the Dewalt table saw is still our top pick, and perfect for high volume work as well as novice woodworking.

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Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw

The Bosch 4100-09 is a solid tool, built for heavy use under jobsite conditions. Unlike the Dewalt, this model comes with enough accessories to do just about anything you need, including exclusive components such as the T-slot miter gauge, and Bosch’s innovative modular smart guard safety system. To save you time and energy, the stand uses gravity rise technology that makes setting up and breaking down the saw easier than ever. The 10 inch blade, 15 amp motor and depth parameters are typical of any table saw, but seem like a much better deal on a Bosch.

Weighing in at 124 pounds, a built in stand is a necessary component, but should be a little stronger than what is currently available. It works fine with the current stand, but seems a little too shaky, and may have a tendency to wear out sooner than expected.

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Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

The full-size G0690 table saw is a cabinet model with more features and accessories than any of the competition. At a little over 500 pounds, it’s much sturdier than any portable jobsite model and would make a great choice for your workshop or garage.  Even though it uses the typical 10-inch blade, the design of this table limits cut depth to only 3-1/8 inch for a 90 degree cut, and even less for beveled rip cuts. On the other hand, this is the only table which includes things like the riving knife and dado insert.

For many, the deciding factor will be the 220V power requirement, which may not be readily available in home shops or new construction jobsites. Even this drawback has a benefit, though, because the Grizzly table saw packs more power into its 3 hp system than you might expect.

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