Best Brad Nailers for Quick and Accurate Work

When it comes to getting the best brad nailer for the money, there’s not a lot of variation from one 2-inch model to the next. They all have to handle a range of brad sizes and work quickly, and the top rated models will always include a nose guard that prevents the worker from damaging … Read more

Air Tools vs. Electric/Cordless Tools

Sometimes you don’t have the right power tool for the job because you’ve never needed a random orbital sander before, or your favorite drill’s motor overheats and melts, or your neighbor “borrowed” your sawzall and never gave it back. Sometimes tools just get so old and worn-out that it’s more efficient to replace them than … Read more

Is a Brushless Drill Worth the Extra Money?

Buying a drill today is a lesson in technology. From cordless models to hard-wired powerhouses, these drills have many features that may or may not suit your needs at home. One comparison you’ll encounter is the brushless vs brushed drill choice. Selecting between these two designs means that you need to understand the science behind … Read more

Top Random Orbit Sander for Smooth Finishes

Craftsmen use random orbit sanders for fine or rough sanding, polishing, and more. The best random orbit sander should have a comfortable, ergonomic feel, and while it is not essential, having a variable speed motor will give you more control over the sanding depth and finish. All the models reviewed below use the most common 5″ pads … Read more

How to Buy Used Power Tools Without Getting Ripped Off

With the economy being as uncertain as it is, everyone’s searching for a way to save money on things they need. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing used power tools. When shopping around at garage sales, thrift stores, or Craigslist, you have to be careful about the tools people sell. Some could be … Read more

12 Different Types of Sanders and Their Uses

There are many different types of sanders out there, each with their own special purpose. You may have heard of all of these types, used some of them, or they may be totally new to you. We hope listing the various types of sanders along with their pictures will prove helpful. Unlike other common tools, … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Power Tools (the Right Way)

“A poor workman blames his tools” is an old saying among craftsmen. If you do not take care of your tools, it won’t just be an old saying… it will be true. Power tools especially, will not perform if they are allowed to deteriorate for lack of care. Proper care also means they will be safer … Read more

The 3 Best Drill Bit Sets are Cutting Edge

The very best drill bits are made of high quality metal such as cobalt or titanium. The set should include all commonly used sizes, and small increments can be very important to avoid making holes that are too small for proper use or too large for a firm hold. Look for self-penetrating bits to reduce … Read more

The 7 Best Belt Sanders for Performance and Dependability

The best belt sander should fill a variety of uses, including heavy sanding and light polishing. The motor has to supply enough energy that the tool won’t bog down during use, but a powerful motor also needs to be adjusted for light work, so variable controls are preferred for everyday use. This list of top-rated belt … Read more

The Best Oscillating Tool for Ultimate Versatility

Oscillating tools are handy in the shop or on the job, and the best oscillating tool is designed to fill a variety of applications. Look for tools which are manufactured by leaders in power tool construction, so you’ll know you’re getting a product designed for heavy use and durability. And since you’ll most likely find a lot … Read more