Makita vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Makita vs DeWalt

Few industries have exhibited such explosive growth over the past 20-years, as that which surrounds the current power tool market. Consumers are now presented with a far larger inventory of power tools to choose from, than ever before. This has also led to a significant amount of competition between various brands within the power tool … Read more

DeWalt vs Milwaukee (Which is Better?)

DeWalt vs Milwaukee tools

In the world of power tools, several names stand out above the crowd, due to their long-standing presence within the industry. Of these names, few are as renowned as DeWalt and Milwaukee. Both of these manufacturers have been producing high-quality power tools for a number of years, and are well respected by consumers. However, this … Read more

9 Best Cordless Drills (That Are Better Than Ever)

best cordless drills

Choosing a quality cordless drill is not as cut-and-dry as simply selecting the model with the biggest battery. Drills of different voltages may prove more useful in certain situations, and brushless motors tend to run longer than their counterparts on the same battery. The best cordless drill for one person may feature quick-charge ability while … Read more

7 Best Scroll Saws for Detailed and Intricate Cuts

best scroll saws

Whether you have a large workshop for building furniture, or just a small garage shop to do crafts in, a scroll saw is one of the most useful tools you can have. These saws allow for a wide variety of projects, from making homemade wooden jigsaw puzzles to complex detail work on thinner portions of … Read more

10 Best Jigsaws (to Cut Almost Any Material)

best jigsaws

A jigsaw, also called an orbital saw, is great for woodworking projects of all types. The best jigsaw will include features that make it easier for you to get more done. A jigsaw is not limited to wood, however, so pick up a saw that has variable speed settings to assist you with different types … Read more

9 Best Cordless Screwdrivers for Quick Light Duty Jobs

best cordless screwdrivers

One of the biggest problems when looking for a cordless screwdriver is the frequent contradictions in various cordless screwdriver reviews. Even the best cordless screwdriver is not designed for heavy-duty use such as driving screws into a deck. As a result, users are often disappointed with the screwdriver being too weak when they use them … Read more

Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver (Uses and Key Differences)

impact wrench vs impact driver

From time to time, every DIY aficionado encounters a fastener or two that presents difficulty. These nuts, bolts, and screws simply refuse to budge, despite putting forth our best efforts. In cases such as these, impact tools become our go-to option.  Impact tools come in a variety of forms, often leading to a wealth of … Read more

Miter Saw vs Table Saw (Common Uses and Key Differences)

miter saw vs table saw

There are plenty of tools out there that can do multiple tasks but tend to excel in specific areas. Those with smaller budgets can generally buy a few of these tools and have a functional workshop. Table saws and miter saws are two great examples. Both are amazing tools that can do the same things, … Read more

8 Best Compound Miter Saws to Simplify Complex Cuts

sliding compound miter saw

Those who already own a compound miter saw will tell you it’s a necessity when you’re talking about power tools. The best compound miter saw for the money will provide a wide assortment of stops for bevel and miter cuts, giving you the capability of making complex cuts with a minimum amount of setup. For … Read more

30 Different Types of Drills (and Their Uses)

types of drills

When you think of a drill, you might picture a tool that looks like a gun with a screw-like bit on the end or even an old-fashioned hand tool that resembles an egg beater. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here are 30 types of drills and what they do. How many … Read more