3 Best Scroll Saws for Those Detailed and Intricate Cuts

best scroll saws

Whether you have a large workshop for building furniture, or just a small garage shop to do crafts in, a scroll saw is one of the most useful tools you can have. These saws allow for a wide variety of projects, from making homemade wooden jigsaw puzzles to complex detail work on thinner portions of … Read more

4 Best Reciprocating Saws for Demo Work

best reciprocating saws

A reciprocating saw (also referred to as Sawzall or sabre saw) is useful for both homeowners and professionals. Widely used in construction and demolition (or even tree pruning), a good reciprocating saw is also an invaluable tool for home DIY projects such as remodels, plumbing repair, and window replacement. It can do the work of … Read more

7 Best Heat Guns to Turn Up the Heat

best heat guns

A heat gun is a versatile yet inexpensive tool that’s able to fill a number of roles, from stripping paint and thawing frozen pipes to shrink tubing and shrink wrap. Even though most models look similar, the best heat gun stands apart because it brings more to the table than the competition. Keep in mind that … Read more

3 Best Jobsite Radios (for Construction Site or Garage Use)

best jobsite radios

Whether you’re out on a construction site, your own backyard, or helping out a buddy on their property, a jobsite radio is a surprisingly good investment. Not only does background music help ease the monotony and keep production up, some of the best jobsite radios have the ability to extend a power source, charge batteries … Read more

6 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches for the Money

best cordless impact wrenches

Cordless impact wrenches have come a long way and are slowly converting even the diehard air tool guys. Most of the best cordless impact wrench kits below have two factors in common: They have a 1/2” drive mechanism and are powered by a brushless motor (all except #6). With a 1/2-inch drive, they’re compatible with … Read more

Is a Brushless Drill Worth the Extra Money?


Buying a drill today is a lesson in technology. From cordless models to hard-wired powerhouses, these drills have many features that may or may not suit your needs at home. One comparison you’ll encounter is the brushless vs brushed drill choice. Selecting between these two designs means that you need to understand the science behind … Read more

3 Best Random Orbit Sanders for Smooth Finishes

best random orbit sanders

Craftsmen use random orbit sanders for fine or rough sanding, polishing, and more. The best random orbit sander should have a comfortable, ergonomic feel, and while it is not essential, having a variable speed motor will give you more control over the sanding depth and finish. All the models reviewed below use the most common 5″ pads … Read more

How to Buy Used Power Tools Without Getting Ripped Off

how to buy used power tools

With the economy being as uncertain as it is, everyone’s searching for a way to save money on things they need. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing used power tools. When shopping around at garage sales, thrift stores, or Craigslist, you have to be careful about the tools people sell. Some could be … Read more

12 Different Types of Sanders and Their Uses

types of sanders

There are many different types of sanders out there, each with their own special purpose. You may have heard of all of these types, used some of them, or they may be totally new to you. Below you’ll find the most common types of sanders listed, what they’re used for, how they work, and pictures … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Power Tools (the Right Way)

how to clean power tools

“A poor workman blames his tools” is an old saying among craftsmen. If you do not take care of your tools, it won’t just be an old saying… it will be true. Power tools especially, will not perform if they are allowed to deteriorate for lack of care. Proper care also means they will be … Read more