Craftsman vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Craftsman vs DeWalt

Today’s tool industry is home to a near infinite number of manufacturers, all of which seek to appeal to consumers by any means possible. Nonetheless, certain brands simply stick out above the rest, largely due to their storied histories and spotless reputations. This is the case with both Craftsman and DeWalt, each of which has … Read more

Ryobi vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Ryobi vs DeWalt

Most tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts should be familiar with the names “Ryobi” and “DeWalt”. Both of these manufacturers have served as icons within the power tool industry and offer extensive product catalogs, much to the delight of awaiting consumers. However, this popularity, in turn, has posed quite the quandary. Many prospective buyers now find themselves … Read more

Kobalt vs Craftsman (Which is Better?)

Kobalt vs Craftsman

For several decades, a debate has raged among DIY enthusiasts and home improvement specialists alike. This debate has centered around whether Kobalt or Craftsman is the better of the big box-store tool brands. With Craftsman serving as Sears’ long-standing house brand, and Kobalt playing the same role for Lowe’s, there is much to compare in … Read more

Ridgid vs Milwaukee (Which is Better?)

Ridgid vs Milwaukee

There has likely never been a better time to be an avid DIY enthusiast or tradesman. Quality power tools are plentiful, and are produced by numerous manufacturers. However, this often poses some level of difficulty, when determining which brand to find favor in. Among all power tool brands, few are as often  compared as Ridgid … Read more

Ryobi vs Makita (Which is Better?)

Ryobi vs Makita

Competition within the premium power tool market has never quite been as fierce as it is today. Numerous manufacturers have stepped to the plate, producing their own line of high quality power tools. This, of course, makes it relatively difficult to side with one particular brand over another, when making any purchase. Two power tool … Read more

Kobalt vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Kobalt vs DeWalt

In today’s world, the average DIY enthusiast has a near endless array of power tools at their fingertips. Many of the industry’s finest brands now produce their own comprehensive lines of battery-operated power tools, making it easier than ever to locate the perfect tool to meet your needs. However, this wealth of availability also leads … Read more

Ryobi vs Milwaukee (Which is Better?)

Ryobi vs Milwaukee

Today’s craftsmen have it better than ever, in terms of tool availability and quality. Now, more than ever, a number of manufacturers are rising to the occasion, by producing a wealth of premium power tools. In fact, the true challenge now centers around deciding which of these numerous brands to favor. This is often the … Read more

Ridgid vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Ridgid vs DeWalt

There has never been a better time to be a DIY enthusiast or devoted tradesman, than at the current moment. A number of top-tier manufacturers have stepped to the plate, producing a diverse range of high-quality power tools. This leaves consumers with a wealth of options to choose from when purchasing tools of this nature. … Read more

Ryobi vs Ridgid (Which is Better?)

Ryobi vs Ridgid

In a world where craftsmen are now provided with a near-endless array of tools to choose from, the most significant challenge often centers around determining which brand of tool is the best. Two of the most compared of all brands within the power tool market space are Ryobi and Ridgid. Ryobi and Ridgid both carry … Read more

Makita vs Milwaukee (Which is Better?)

Makita vs Milwaukee

In the world of modern power tools, there are no shortage of top-notch manufacturers, who produce premium-grade tools on an ongoing basis. However, of these manufacturers few are quite as big in stature or reputation as Makita and Milwaukee, both of which are well-respected by hobbyists and tradesmen alike. Nonetheless, this in itself poses quite … Read more