6 Best Rotary Hammers for Heavy Duty Drilling

best rotary hammers

When working with concrete and other masonry, a regular cordless drill literally (and figuratively) won’t cut it. This is where rotary hammers truly shine. Choosing the best rotary hammer drill can be tough, but we’ve taken the guesswork out with this list of heavy duty gems. Related:  Different Types of Drills (w/ Pictures) Our 6 … Read more

6 Best Hammer Drills for Concrete and Masonry

best hammer drills

Chances are, the everyday handyman has never considered adding a hammer drill to their collection. However, these powerful drills are able to easily outperform a normal drill when dealing with hard materials, and quickly earn their keep. Some can even double as a regular drill. Read on to learn more about hammer drills and to … Read more

6 Best Table Saws for the Money (Portable and Stationary)

best table saws

The domain of fast, smooth rip cutting belongs to the table saw, but the design of the saw can have a big impact on how useful it will be. These six top-ranked table saws in our list all come from leading manufacturers and represent both portable jobsite saws as well as more traditional cabinet saws. … Read more

6 Best Band Saws for Woodworking

best band saws

As one of the smoothest cutting tools any woodworker will have, a band saw is on just about the same level of versatility as a router. Used primarily for cutting curves or other unusual cuts into wood, a band saw is also used to rip lumber, make cross cuts, or even cut metal. They come … Read more

3 Best Jigsaws (to Cut Almost Any Material)

best jigsaws

A jigsaw, also called an orbital saw, is great for woodworking projects of all types. The best jigsaw will include features that make it easier for you to get more done. A jigsaw is not limited to wood, however, so pick up a saw that has variable speed settings to assist you with different types … Read more

5 Best Portable Band Saws (for Jobsite Use)

best cordless band saw

Ever faced a situation where it felt impossible for you to bring in wood or metal to a workshop for proper cutting? Whether you have portability requirements or are simply looking to work with curved and irregular cuts, a portable band saw could be the answer to your prayers. When looking to buy the best … Read more

3 Best Biscuit Joiners (for Quick and Strong Wood Joints)

best biscuit joiners

Biscuits and dominoes are both highly favored for constructing furniture. While dominoes are stronger overall, a wood biscuit cutter tends to be cheaper and provide enough strength for most woodworking projects. The best biscuit joiner not only takes into account power, durability, and design, but it must also be a good value. You can’t go … Read more

3 Best Cordless Screwdrivers for Quick Light Duty Jobs

best cordless screwdrivers

One of the biggest problems when looking for a cordless screwdriver is the frequent contradictions in various cordless screwdriver reviews. Even the best cordless screwdriver is not designed for heavy-duty use such as building a deck or sandbox. As a result, users are often disappointed with the screwdriver being too weak when they use them … Read more

3 Best Cordless Drills Are Better Than Ever

best cordless drills

Choosing a quality cordless drill is not as cut-and-dry as simply selecting the model with the biggest battery. Drills of different voltages may prove more useful in certain situations, and brushless motors tend to run longer than their counterparts on the same battery. The best cordless drill for one person may feature quick-charge ability while … Read more