The 3 Best Angle Grinders for Cutting and Grinding

Sometimes, buying the right model of tool for your garage or workshop is frustrating, and finding the best angle grinder for your purposes can be among the worst. Angle grinder reviews are often full of pros and cons describing how a model made for an excellent metal grinder but was terrible at cutting cement or brick, for example. Another annoyance is balancing cost and quality. Unlike many types of tools, a cheap angle grinder may be superior to more expensive models, or it may be a complete waste of money.

A good angle grinder must be able to balance several features. Safety is always a concern, as is having the right amount of power for the job. Size, additional features, and whether it you are restricted in replacement parts also play a major role. Finally, an angle grinder needs to be able to efficiently tackle any job you put it to. All our picks have a 4.5 inch disc/wheel which is by far the most common for general use. The following balance all of these features while retaining an affordable cost and high durability.


DeWalt DWE402 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

Continuing a tradition of excellence, the DWE402 by DeWalt contains an 11-amp, 11,000 RPM motor making it one of the most powerful 4.5-inch wheel models you will find. This 12-inch long angle grinder features a dust ejection system which removes dust and debris to provide more durability. It also includes a One-Touch guard, wrench, and two-position sided handle. This model is a perfect example of why professionals and those in metal working schools consider DeWalt the standard for angle grinders.

Because of DeWalt’s reputation, consumers have high expectations of this product, and few have been disappointed. In fact, the majority of those who have purchased this tool had stated that the DWE402 either met or exceeded their expectations in every way. The overall design is one which has been around for a long time, and is both sturdy and reliable. You’ll be pleased by the extra torque and power of this model, which will allow you to complete projects in a fraction of the estimated time. The four and one-half inch wheel diameter provides a decent grinding surface while the disks themselves have proven more durable than most other brands.

There are very few complaints about the DWE402, the biggest of which is the weight. At 6.2 pounds and 12 inches in length, it tends to be more steady than lighter models, although the hefty nature makes it less useful in smaller projects. A related complaint comes in the form of power, as this tool is designed for standard to heavy-duty use, and not for small precision jobs. If it’s the later you’ll mainly be using it for, you may want to instead look at one of the two options below. Otherwise, you really can’t go wrong with the excellent bang for your buck DWE402.

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Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

When looking for the best hand grinder, the 9557PBX1 should be on your short list. Unlike larger models, this compact, well-balanced, 7.5 amp model features a lighter 4.5 pound weight and numerous features to make your life easier. The body is designed to seal and protect the internal components from dust and debris, adding to the tool’s durability and lifespan. It also features a large paddle switch with a lock that keeps the grinder in either the on or off position. As an added bonus, the Makita grinder kit is shipped with multiple 4.5-inch grinding wheels, a diamond wheel, and a padded aluminum carrying case.

One of the features users love most is the pairing of a body-length paddle switch and middle-mounted latch. The latch prevents the tool from accidentally turning on when not in use, while the size of the paddle switch means you can hold the grinder in a variety of positions without it shutting off. The extra blades are all highly durable, and the grinder itself will outlast most grinders of comparable price. Finally, the inclusion of a sturdy, padded metal case proved a welcome bonus for many buyers.

This model has a large consumer base, ranging from DIYers to industrial factories. As the needs of these users can vary immensely, the mostly-positive feedback is tempered mainly by minor issues. The only complaint which has been made on several occasions revolves around temperature. Despite the use of thicker, more tightly wound coil wires, the tool can begin to overheat when used for particularly difficult jobs. This drawback will mainly affect heavy industrial users and has not been reported for simple to average projects. If heavy-duty use is your thing, you might want to go with the DeWalt above instead.

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DeWalt DCG412B 20V Lithium Ion Angle Grinder

Sometimes you need a more portable grinder, and DeWalt has answered that need with the DCG412B cordless angle grinder. This 4.5-inch grinder is compact, light, and provides 8,000 RPM cutting power. The DCG412B utilizes DeWalt’s powerful 20V MAX lithium ion battery (5.0Ah) for reliable, cordless power wherever your project takes you. It also features a two-finger trigger and lock-off button for added safety.

The ability to take a power tool anywhere without having to handle cords is usually tempered by a loss of power, but not the DCG412B! Once you try it for the first time, you’ll be amazed how well a cordless model can perform. The compatibility with other DeWalt 20v MAX tools makes it easier to keep on working when the included battery has been drained. Users frequently comment on the high durability of this model both in home and industrial settings.

The biggest complaint about the DCG412B is the same thing that consumers love most about it – the battery. While this grinder will compete with the corded competition on equal ground, the battery will peter out after 15 to 20 minutes of intense usage. Like any other cordless tool, it’s a good idea to have a spare battery on hand. The bearings are also noisier than some corded alternatives, so this is not the best tool for night work. If you already have a any other tool in DeWalt’s 20V line, your fine with purchasing just the bare tool, but otherwise you’ll need at least one battery and a charger. More spendy that corded models, the DCG412B truly is the best cordless angle grinder you can buy.

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