41 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers and Enthusiasts (2020 Gift Guide)

best gift ideas for car enthusiast

It has become a holiday tradition here at Garage Tool Advisor to scour the web and find products that make great gifts, be it Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or simple ways to say “I love you as much as you love cars” over the coming year. For the end of 2019 and … Read more

How to Unfreeze Underground Pipes

thaw frozen underground water line

Winter can be rough on your pipes, and one good frost can be all it takes to freeze the lines heading into or away from your house. This can lead to reduced flow or even a costly burst pipe. Thankfully, once you know how to thaw frozen pipes underground, this worst-case winter scenario becomes much … Read more

52 Gift Ideas for Mechanics and DIYers in 2019

52 awesome gift ideas

No matter how well you know your loved ones, it can be tough finding them that perfect gift. The good news is we’ve scoured the web and found 52 great gift ideas that provide plenty of variety for mechanics, carpenters, electricians, woodworkers, DIYers, dads, moms, new homeowners, and others. Whether it’s tools, clothing, or the … Read more

11 Easy Lathe Projects for Beginners (Wood & Metal)

easy lathe projects

Owning a lathe can make a lot of jobs incredibly easy, such as threading, turning, and performing even sanding around a cylindrical object. Learning to use a wood lathe is relatively simple, but “mastering” a wood or metal lathe is a lot harder. The following are some wood and metal projects that are not only … Read more

POLL: What are the Best Tool Brands?

With so many tool companies out there, we thought it would be fun to get our readers’ opinion on what tool brands YOU think are the best in the biz. Obviously, the poll results will be highly subjective since some swear by a brand they’ve always used even though they haven’t had experience with other … Read more

The Walk-in Gun Safe Project

With all the stories about gun safety that we’ve been seeing on the news lately, it made me remember one very interesting project a friend/client of mine decided to take on. Steve and his wife just purchased their new dream home in North Carolina which had a massive basement. He was big on gun collecting … Read more

Top 57 Gift Ideas for the DIYer in 2018

We’ve received a lot of feedback from readers asking us to recommend gift ideas for the do-it-yourselfer. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas present for someone (maybe yourself), below you’ll find some of the best ideas for gifts in all price ranges. Some of these you may be familiar with… others … Read more

6 Common Garage Door Issues You May Not Know About

If you’re a homeowner with a garage and you use it routinely, it’s easy to overlook some common issues that may arise from constant use. Life is always on the move, work and school may take up your schedule and monthly bills keep coming, so it’s no surprise that most people don’t necessarily find the … Read more

How Important is it to Buy Tools Made in the USA?

Not all tools are created equal. For many years, tools that are manufactured in the United States have been considered some of the best tools on the market, with few exceptions. In recent years, countries like Taiwan and China have taken steps to increase tool quality, and while they’re still (for the most part) not … Read more

Top 20 Garage Hacks You Can Do Today

Garage hacks will either help you get more out of your garage or help you get more done in it. Sometimes, both of those things are the same, and the best garage hacks will always involve making the most of things and space that you already have available. Some of these hacks you probably already … Read more