Wrench Sizes in Order from Smallest to Largest

Wrench sizes are a bit easier to figure out than socket sizes since you are not dealing with different ratchet drive sizes. While the average fixed wrench set or ratcheting wrench set won’t include every single size of wrench, you’ll likely only use a few of them depending on the general use. A car mechanic … Read more

3 Best Staple Guns Take the Work Out of Fasteners

Staple guns are useful for wallboard, wiring, plumbing and other projects, and a good staple gun can be used for additional work such as furniture building and woodworking crafts. Pneumatic guns are probably the best staple gun type to have in the garage or shop and work the same way as a brad nailer. However, … Read more

5 Best Bolt and Screw Extractors for Easy Removal

One of the most frustrating things to happen while working on vehicles or old furniture is having a rusted bolt or screw snap while trying to remove it. For the average DIYer, this creates all sorts of problems if they aren’t prepared. Thankfully, having a good extractor set is all you need to keep your … Read more

40 Different Types of Wrenches and Their Uses

Wrenches are among those everyday tools that you might overlook until it’s needed. You may often grab whatever wrench is nearby to tackle the project you face. But there are actually quite a few different types of wrenches out there, and many are specially designed to handle a specific task. Wrenches are generally either male … Read more

33 Different Types of Pliers and Their Uses

Everyone has a pair of pliers somewhere in their home. As one of the most useful tools out there, it might surprise you at just how many different types there are and how versatile pliers can be. Parts of Pliers There are only a few parts to pliers, but all of them have an important … Read more

12 Different Types of Sanders and Their Uses

There are many different types of sanders out there, each with their own special purpose. You may have heard of all of these types, used some of them, or they may be totally new to you. Below you’ll find the most common types of sanders listed, what they’re used for, how they work, and pictures … Read more

5 Best Mechanics Tool Sets for Home Auto Repair

best mechanics tool set

The best mechanics tool set will have more than just sockets and wrenches and is a great starting point to a household tool set. It will include drivers, sockets, wrenches, and a variety of other tools needed for most common applications. For convenience and simplicity, a quality tool set should include multiple size ratchet drivers with … Read more

How to Keep Your Hand Tools Working Like New

A translation of an old French saying is “A bad craftsman blames his tools.” As any good mechanic or craftsmen will tell you though without well-maintained tools it doesn’t matter how skilled the hand holding it is. Keeping your hand tools in working order is an essential part of being a mechanic or craftsman. However, … Read more

3 Best Tap and Die Sets to Cut Threads Quickly

The best tap and die set contains a wide assortment of taps and dies. Since there are two standards in the U.S., you should purchase a set that offers both metric and SAE sizes. Unless you are extremely slow and careful, using plenty of cutting oil is going to be crucial to successful threading, as … Read more