The Best Screwdriver Set for the Money in 2018

When it comes to screwdrivers, few people actually require a large number of types and sizes. However, only a handful of screwdrivers are needed to complete most projects on the job, in your workshop, or at home. The best screwdriver sets will be durable, comfortable, precise and possibly last you a lifetime.

If any of the following apply to you, now’s the time to think about getting a new, high quality screwdriver set:

  • You have a bunch of old, cheap, mismatched screwdrivers that you’ve collected over the years but none seem to work well.
  • You’re using a magnetic socket screwdriver with 30 different bits since it seemed like a good idea at the time but now you can’t find the 3-4 bits you need the most.
  • You simply want the best screwdriver set your money can buy.


Klein Tools 8-Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set

Sometimes the top screwdriver sets are the simple ones, and Klein Tools proves this with the perfect collection of eight commonly-used, professional grade screwdrivers.

Klein Tools (made in the USA) is a brand preferred by electricians and other professional tradesmen, but not commonly known to DIYers even though they’ve been making the finest quality tools since 1857. Weighing in at under 2 pounds when in their case, this set includes one cabinet, four Phillips, and three keystone (standard tip) screwdrivers.

Klein Tools, including this set, draw a lot of praise from both home and professional users due to a high level of durability. They can withstand heavy use and are backed by warranty, leaving these screwdrivers the tool of choice for almost anyone. Another trait which consumers love is the comfortable but sturdy grip these tools provide, making them perfect for even family projects.

Because of Klein’s reputation, many consumers have run into knock-offs being advertised as genuine. This is the single key complaint, and one which reinforces the need to buy only from verified sources. Knock-off sets often use paint to resemble coating, are made of inferior materials, and damage easily. Always be sure to buy only from official Klein sources.

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Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus Set with Rack

Wera is an internationally-known, German-based company that markets products that meet strict international standards. The 932/6 Kraftform Plus set contains four standard slotted and two Phillips screwdrivers in the most commonly-used sizes and a storage rack. The handles are made of multiple components and shaped for superior handling, comfort, and torque.

This product is generally owned by users who are abusive towards their screwdrivers with high praise. Users love the sturdy impact cap and Pound-thru blade, both of which allow the screwdrivers to be used for chiseling and other high-impact jobs without damage to the handle or shank.

The lifetime, no-hassle warranty only serves to further bolster enthusiasm for those consumers who use these screwdrivers as chisels and for other high-impact jobs. Finally, the unusual design of the handles allows for greater torque than more common designs, making it easier to remove damaged screws.

No product is perfect, and the Kraftform Plus set is no exception. The biggest design issue has been the handles, which may be ideal for most users, but cannot fit every hand with the same level of comfort. Another concern has been the lifespan under extremely harsh use, which can begin to split the handle after several years. This is somewhat negated by a no-hassle replacement policy, but may frustrate some professional users who would rather not keep back-up screwdrivers on-hand.

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Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-Piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

Craftsman is one of the top names in tools, and this small set proves they’re still one of the best screwdriver brands in the world. Sporting diamond coated tips for better gripping power, these screwdrivers also have ergonomic handles and laser-marked shanks so you will never need to wonder which size you are holding.

Consumers have raved about the diamond tips, noting that they easily grip stripped or rounded heads, allowing for easy replacement of damaged screws. As a compliment to the grip, this is a magnetic screwdriver set, allowing for even easier maintenance of worn-out screws. Owners of this set also love the comfortable handles, and high overall durability.

In recent years, there has been a growing concern that Craftsman tools are becoming less durable despite having full warranties. While problems with this set are few, they all seem to run into a single durability issue. After multiple uses against stripped heads or over-tight screws, the shank can come loose within the handle.

In most cases, this results in the shank not turning with the handle, but in a few extreme cases, the shank has fallen out completely, requiring replacement. Fortunately, Craftsman is known to have one of the best tool warranties in the biz so if you ever have a problem, a free replacement is usually painless.

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  1. Screwdrivers go like this:
    1. Vintage hard handled Snap-on
    2. Current hard handled Williams
    2. Klein tools (yup a tie)
    2. Greenlee (yup a tie).

    Every thing else is trash.

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