Wet Sanding vs Dry Sanding (When to Use Each)

grit sequence of sandpaper

Sanding things is often one of the most crucial steps in producing or adding finishing touches to an object. It is a process by which a surface is ground or polished with an abrasive material to shape, polish, and buff it.  Sandpaper is one of the most widely used abrasive materials for sanding. Today we’re … Read more

8 Best Pruning Saws for Easy Trimming

best pruning saws

Whether you have a green thumb and love pruning trees or can’t stand the thought of it but know it needs to be done, a good pruning saw is your friend. Having the right saw on-hand can make the difference between a quick job and hours of hard cutting. While there are numerous choices for a … Read more

30 Different Types of Nails (Common Sizes and Uses)

Most every craftsman understands the true value of the nail. However, far fewer realize just how many types of nails actually exist. Of these types of nails, many vary significantly in size, shape, and composition. Likewise, these nails also differ in their intended uses. This places increased importance upon familiarizing yourself with all current market … Read more

7 Best Digital Calipers for Easy-to-Read Measurements

best digital calipers

Digital calipers are not a new alternative to dial calipers, although a lot of consumers are reluctant to convert. This is due in no small part to the number of options available and the often confusing nature of digital caliper reviews. The best digital caliper will be precise, easy to use, resistant to water, and … Read more

9 Best Table Saw Blades (for General Purpose Use)

best table saw blade

The standard table saw makes a valuable addition to most any at-home workshop, due to its practicality when attempting to make straight cuts. Saws of this nature prove more than adequate when making cross cuts, ripping cuts, and dado cuts, in a precise and repetitive fashion. While most table saws are more than capable of … Read more

41 Different Types of Drill Bits (and Their Uses)

types of drill bits

The art of drilling various materials dates back to ancient times when early societies used crude instruments to bore out wood and stone. Today, the practice of drilling has evolved substantially, including the use of power tools and specialized bits. With such specialized equipment in hand, a tradesman can bore holes of virtually any size, … Read more

6-Point vs 12-Point Sockets (Which is Better?)

6pt vs 12pt sockets

Even the best mechanic is only as capable as their selection of tools allow them to be. A quality selection of basic hand tools, allows a mechanic of any skill level to efficiently tackle an array of tasks. Of these basic tools, few are as valuable as a quality set of sockets. Sockets come in … Read more

8 Best Allen Wrench Sets (for Professional or DIY Home Use)

best hex key set

Hex keys, commonly referred to as Allen wrenches, are an essential part of any tool kit, and the best Allen wrench or hex key set will closely match the application you use it for. Whether you’re working on a car, bicycle, appliance, or computer, putting together an Ikea bookcase, or using a hex key on … Read more

Hex Key (Allen Wrench) Sizes (w/ Conversion Chart)

Allen wrench sizes

It’s pretty much a given that when you buy anything from Ikea, it always comes with a bent, hex-shaped piece of metal that’s needed to make the screws fit. These tools are hex keys, although you may know them better as Allen wrenches and they can be found pretty much everywhere these days. Unlike traditional … Read more

9 Best Utility Knives (Foldable, Retractable, and Hidden)

best utility knives

There are certain tools that an individual can almost certainly count on being present in every garage. Each of these tools tends to be frequently used, and make life easier for the avid DIY enthusiast. Of these tools, few are quite as common as the utility knife. The use of a quality utility knife makes … Read more