Light Bulb Base Sizes (w/ Charts)

light bulb base sizes

Have you ever had a light burn out and found you didn’t know what kind of bulb it took? Or perhaps you were digging through a drawer and found a bulb and weren’t sure what it went to. Fear not, because pairing bulbs and bases isn’t as complicated as it first seems. Bulbs tend to … Read more

9 Best Mechanic Flashlights (Small Yet Powerful)

best mechanics flashlights

When shopping for the best flashlight for mechanics, the trend has moved away from large, clunky contraptions such as a Maglite, to smaller devices that easily fit in your pocket. LED flashlights use less power, so you won’t be weighed down by the batteries. But they also provide bright light that can be focused on … Read more

3 Best Extension Cords for Safety and Dependability

best extension cords

No matter what kind of projects you like to work on, there are going to be times when a simple extension cord is needed. Unlike most tools, there aren’t many frills that can be added to an extension cord. Buying the best extension cord should be based on the gauge of the wire, the length of … Read more

14 Multimeter Symbols and Their Meanings

meaning of multimeter symbols

They don’t make ’em like they used to. You can still pick up your grandpa’s old analog multimeter at any hardware store or on the internet, and they’ve still got their uses. Today’s best multimeters are all digital and they dominate the market. With a numeric display that reads out your measured value as precise … Read more

4 Best RJ45 Crimpers for Reliable Connections

best RJ45 crimpers

Most commonly used in the computer industry, crimping tools were also once common with phone technicians. They work by bending one or two pieces of metal to form a crimp, which then holds the pieces together. Network cables are crimped by placing wires into the crimper, followed by the connector, then compressing the two pieces … Read more

3 Best Multimeters for Professional or Home Use

best multimeters

The best multimeter is going to mean something different for every user. An electrician may want a meter that has auto-ranging and a focus on high voltage alternating current, while a hobbyist is looking for a model that offers a full range of testing options. Analog multimeters with an actual swinging needle-gauge are still manufactured, but … Read more

3 Best Laser Levels for Ultimate Speed and Accuracy

best laser levels

What serves as the best laser level will largely depend on your intended usage. For simple lines and wall layouts, the Black + Decker level is budget friendly, providing the bare essentials necessary to get the job done. Other craftsmen and hobbyists may prefer a more complete laser level such as the DeWalt, that serves … Read more

3 Best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers for Automotive Work

best infrared thermometer

Non-contact infrared thermometers use an infrared scanner to detect the temperature of objects without actually touching them. This can be especially helpful in automotive applications or situations where exposure to the tested object could be harmful. Keep in mind that the reading you get will depend on the emissivity, or reflectiveness, of the object you … Read more

5 Best Soldering Iron Stations and Kits

best soldering stations

While the average person might get away with using a soldering iron here and there for their woodburning projects or to fix the odd component, those who frequently solder need a good soldering station. If you’re one of the latter, getting the best soldering iron station for the money is paramount. Here’s what we recommend. … Read more