4 Best Garage Floor Tiles for that Custom Look

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Over the years, garages have become far more than a simple place to store your car. Residential garages have become additional living or storage space, sometimes abandoning their original purpose entirely.

Taking advantage of garage flooring options such as tiles can make this space even cozier and the following are some of the best garage floor tiles available. You may also want to check out some ideas for your garage ceiling to complete the design.

Our 4 Favorite Garage Floor Tile Options

ProductCoverageTile SizeThicknessColors
RaceDeck Modular48 sq ft12"x12"1/2"10
BlockTile B2US463030 sq ft12"x12"1/2"3
Speedway Tile50 sq ft12"x12"1/2"10
IncStores Coin Nitro52 sq ft12"x12"3/8"7
Looking for additional garage floor tile options?

Garage Floor Tile Reviews

Flooring tiles are a great way to improve the look of your garage, and are often designed to be compatible with outdoor settings. This means higher durability and resistance to the elements.

These four provide a lot more than simply covering the surface, giving them an edge over the competition.

#1 – RaceDeck Modular Garage Flooring Tiles

RaceDeck makes what are probably the best garage flooring tiles on the market and will transform your garage space into a showroom! Sold in packs of 12, 24, or 48 tiles, they’re made of a high impact copolymer that’s non-toxic and extremely durable.

The tiles are easy to clean and resistant to stains, fading, and other issues your floor may face. As each interlocking tile is designed to be elevated slightly from the floor once assembled, there’s maximum drainage and aeration.

For a product designed to stay put once installed, owners have found it easy to remove the tiles when opting for a new design. The wide range of colors means you can model your garage however you choose. Combine these tiles with a cool garage paint idea for the ultimate custom garage design.

Another thing owners love is how easily the tiles can be cleaned, making them perfect for basements prone to flooding.

It’s really hard to come up with anything negative to say about these tiles. One user did note that the surface repels water so well that they would slip when their feet were wet.

Some light scratching can also occur from snowmobiles and similar vehicles, but the color isn’t affected.

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#2 – BlockTile B2US4630 Perforated Tiles

This 30-pack of tiles will provide 30 square feet of ½ inch thick high-impact polypropylene that can easily bear the weight of an SUV. BlockTile tiles have a two-toned pattern for extra aesthetic appeal and easily interlock to provide a waterproof and UV stable covering.

One of the things that makes this product stand out is its natural resistance to stains and fading. The upper surface is non-slip and can be cleaned with soap and water. Meanwhile, a grid structure underneath helps to aerate and channel water away from the subsurface.

Designed for use on garage floors, decks, porches, and many other surfaces; the resilience of these tiles make them popular with homeowners.

They love the easy but tight assembly and the aesthetic appeal these tiles have to offer.While there have been the occasional color error, it is very rare and the overall quality is excellent.

The biggest problem with these tiles is the material used. Being a hard plastic, it can be a little rough on bare feet. A few have also complained about the tiles sliding, although you can adhere them by the corners (to avoid blocking the drainage benefits) to your subsurface with in the event you have this problem.

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#3 – Speedway Garage Floor Tiles

Speedway garage tilesWhen you want interlocking garage floor tiles that can withstand a lot of friction, it doesn’t get much better than these Speedway tiles. These have 6 tabs per side as opposed to the usual 4-tab design, making it harder for these tiles to slide or separate.

The industrial strength of this diamond-textured floor tile set means they can be used for anything from garages to basements to small aircraft hangars!

As with other tiles, these leave space for aeration and water drainage, as well as being resistant to most household or automotive chemicals. Available in a variety of colors, the tiles clean off with little effort and will last for many years to come.

While purchasers suggest investing in a rubber mallet when working with a large number of tiles for speed’s sake, you can knock them into place easily with the side of your fist.

Additionally, they note how easy the tiles are to clean and how well they hold up to heavy vehicles due to their rigidity.

There are a couple issues with this tile set. First, they can be more noisy compared to open-design tiles such as the ones above. Second, the closed patterning means they’ll show dust, dirt, and sawdust because the particles just sit on the surface.

Finally, these are very inflexible and will not work if your garage floor isn’t perfectly level.

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#4 – IncStores Coin Nitro Garage Tiles

These coin-pattern floor tiles are made of a high quality, impact resistant polypropylene to be able to withstand a lot of punishment. As a result, they’re less likely to fade or stain.

They can bear heavy loads and most household chemicals, while having the same drainage and aeration benefits as other similar tiles. As an added bonus, the tiles carry a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Like the other tiles on this list, customers have found this set easy to install. They report that the tiles can stand up to a lot of abuse and are easy to clean. Best of all, the tiles are compatible with other brands, so they work well for patching up an existing tile floor.

Due to the material, these can get a little loud when walked on, although this is a common issue with closed-surface plastic tiles. They also will not hold up well under the focused weight of car jacks and similar tools, but the tiles can be easily lifted out to expose bare concrete when a jack is needed.

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One of the best options for garage floors out there, tiles are a bit more pricey, but will probably outlive your car. More commonly seen in showrooms and other commercial settings, you won’t want to go back to bare cement once you experience the final effect for yourself.

What types of garage floor tiles are available?

There are three major types of garage floor tile.

  • Hard plastic tiles are among the most common, as they’re durable and easy to maintain.
  • A composite of rubber and plastic is also available when you need something that provides a bit of give.
  • The last type, wood composite, don’t interlock like the others and will require some extra considerations when installing. It does create a very attractive floor that tends to have a weight range higher than others.

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Are garage floor tiles easy to install?

There are few things easier than installing plastic-based garage floor tiles. Simply lay them down and – if aligned properly – they can be knocked together with your heel, the side of your fist, or a rubber mallet.

They are just as easy to remove, provided you work the overlying corner and not one of the looped underlying corners.

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What other garage flooring options are there?

While there are several options for garages being converted into living space (such as carpeting), these generally aren’t good choices when you want your car to live in the garage too. Epoxy, paint, and mats are the three best alternatives, although they all have their benefits and drawbacks.

Garage Floor Tiles vs Epoxy

Epoxy is highly durable and could last a good 20 years, but only if you put some serious money and effort into it. If you don’t buy top quality or properly prepare the surface (which is easy but time-consuming).

A proper epoxy floor will take 2-3 days from start to finish. Compare this to a tile floor which requires little preparation or drying time, and the fight’s pretty one-sided as far as installation is concerned.

Garage Floor Tiles vs Paint

Paint is one of the oldest go-tos for garage flooring. Unfortunately, it’s also the most fragile. Paint can chip or scratch when moving heavy objects over it. A good concrete sealer might be a better alternative for that clean look.

Additionally, even exterior paints designed to withstand UV fading are susceptible to stains or degradation from road salt. Finally, a painted floor must be cleaned more frequently than tiles and reveal any imperfections in the concrete surface underneath.

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Garage Floor Tiles vs. Mats

This is where the real competition lies. Roll-out garage mats come in (you guessed it) rolls that are easily cut to fit and can be applied after simply sweeping the floor.

You can lay additional mats for the desired width and use a sealing compound to create a permanent, waterproof seam. At 30 minutes per roll, it can sometimes be faster to install than tile.

The only downside is that mats have a much shorter lifespan, generally needing replacement every five years or so.

They’re also thinner and leave less of an impression than a floor with colored tile patterns, so they’re better-suited to garages that aren’t being used as living space.

4 thoughts on “4 Best Garage Floor Tiles for that Custom Look”

  1. If I’m going to install snap together floor tiles in my garage do I need to seal the concrete first? Just wondering if the tiles trap moisture beneath them and cause degradation of the concrete underneath them.

  2. I used a concrete sealer first, then installed the Blocktiles in a couple of hours in my Minnesota garage floor 3 years ago. We are in a new development where most of the owners got people to install an Epoxy coating. They all paid over $2,000 against my $1,100 and when they pass by my garage and see the finished article, they are all impressed and amazed! With our MN winters, this stuff is amazing, the snow and ice eventually melts and falls through the perforations and drains away through the garage door opening. An additional unexpected bonus is that, when wet, the Blocktiles are absolutely non-slip !! This is particularly important, especially in my own “Retirement” development, ……. oops, sorry neighbors! The only negative I would have is that I should have ordered a darker color as the beige ones look great, but after a MN winter, they get dirty in places. I am going to power wash them next week and they will look brand new again till next winter. All things considered, these Blocktiles are one of the very best purchases I ever made!
    BTW, I bought them from Sam’s Club.
    Jim, MN.


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