Top Rated Shop Stools for Added Comfort in 2018

Shop stools come in several varieties. For some, the best shop stool is nothing more than a sturdy, simple stool or even folding chair. Others require something that is more comfortable and you might even want a stool that has an adjustable height.

Having a built-in tool shelf will save you time and energy, and means that you will not have to get up to get a different size socket or screwdriver because you can simply load the tray with the tools you need before sitting down.

There isn’t a single shop stool that’s right for every person, but one of these 3 great options is sure to fill any need. For automotive environments, it is important to have a seat that cleans up easily and is made tough enough to prevent tearing or staining.


ATD Tools 81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat

This is the top rated shop stool for good reason. It combines all of the best shop stool features you are looking for into one affordable stool. If you spend a lot of your day working on cars or at a low table, the seat is comfortably padded.

The ATD 81010 can also be raised or lowered to better suit your work environment, between 16 and 21 inches in overall height. If you are taller than average, the adjustable seat height alone makes this the best shop stool for the money. The tool tray beneath the seat is as convenient as you will get in a stool, and allows you to keep working and stay organized.

comfortable-garage-stoolWhile the ATD 81010 is technically a creeper seat, it feels more like a shop stool with wheels. The biggest disadvantage is that the casters are not very well made. If you are a little on the heavy side, they may wear out more quickly than others, but they can be easily replaced with heavy duty rollers from the hardware store.

When the pluses and minuses are tallied, this is still the best shop stool you can buy, and it comes from a company with an established name in tools and equipment.

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Torin TR6300 Creeper Seat

The Torin TR6300 makes any seated task a little easier for you to do. The heavily padded seat remains comfortable even if you spend most the day on it, which is a big improvement over lesser shop stools. The tool tray has fixed compartments that allow you to keep various tools handy and separate from other tools, which is a time saver if you regularly alternate between metric and SAE sockets.

The paint is a bit thin and can cheap easily if you are rough on it, but the most common complaint is that the fixed height is not well suited for taller people. On the other hand, the rollers work well on smooth or semi-rough surfaces, and that means you can move around easily without having to re-position the stool.

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Seville Classics Stainless Steel-top Work Stool

A rolling shop stool is not right for every use, and the Seville Classics Steel top is designed for stationary applications. It has a pneumatic piston so you can adjust the height, and the steel seat means you will never have to worry about it tearing or staining. This is a great no-nonsense workshop stool that will hold up over time.

The disadvantage of the steel seat is that it can become uncomfortable after hours of use, but you can minimize that by adjusting the height now and then to give your body and behind a change of pace. What is noticeably missing from this one is a tool tray to keep things handy, but this piece of equipment is better suited for a workbench environment where tool placement is not a high priority.

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