3 Best Garage Mini Fridges to Keep Your Beer Cold

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Working in a garage can get unbearably hot in the summer, and leaving the area for a cool beverage takes you away from the job at hand.

Instead of wasting your time getting in the house, making sure there isn’t oil on your shoes and you don’t leave grease on the door, pick up a garage mini fridge for its simple convenience.

The best garage mini fridge model will be heavy duty enough to put up with hard use, but small enough to fit where you need it. Whether you go for a model which looks like it came with your tool chest or a plain no-frills model that simply “keeps stuff cold”, you win either way.

Garage Mini Fridge Reviews

#1 – Igloo FR329 Red Garage Fridge Tool Box

best-garage-fridgeDesigned to fit into your workshop, the Igloo FR329 looks like a toolbox on the outside, but provides you plenty of “keep it cool” space inside. At 3.2 cubic feet of space, this model is the biggest garage fridge on our list, and features a crisper drawer, soda or beer can dispenser and a handy drip tray to protect your garage floor against leaks.

Built with heavy duty casters that can be locked, this model is easy to re-position when the job calls for it, and is even small enough that you can even take it along to the job site. igloo-garage-fridge-review

The compressor features low energy consumption which fits well into today’s energy-conscious world, not to mention saving you money over older models.

Also, it’s only 31.8 inches tall without the casters, which means it will be easy to fit into even a crowded workspace.

While most people are thrilled with the adjustable thermostat, ice tray and other features, it should be pointed out that the construction materials may not live up to what you would expect from Igloo.

As such, the most common complaints involve the quality of the exterior metal sheeting, which can be dented fairly easily, especially in an environment where heavy tools and equipment are in constant use.

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#2 – RCA RFR115 Mini Fridge

The RCA RFR115 is a no-nonsense shop fridge, but that doesn’t prevent it from being the top mini fridge for a garage for some. This small black fridge will fit right at home among your tool chests and cabinets.

The metal is thick enough to resist denting except in extreme conditions and the 1.6 cubic feet of interior space holds plenty of drinks. To make it more compatible in a variety of environments, the door is reversible so that it can be opened from the left or right depending on your personal preferences.

To save valuable space in your work area, this unit fits flush against the wall rather than requiring a minimum space for airflow as other models do.

While there are very few complaints about the way this unit operates, care should be taken in unpacking it because of the sharp supports located in the bottom of the unit, which can cut the unexpecting handler.

It should be noted that although this unit is manufactured by RCA, the product you receive may actually bear the Igloo brand.

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#3 – Whynter TBR-182RA Tool Box Refrigerator

Not only is the Whynter fridge designed to look like a toolbox, it even has two bearing guided tool drawers that can be used for tools, condiments, or whatever you need to store in its 1.8 cubic feet of space.

With smooth casters, you can reposition this model even when full of refreshments without worrying about the casters failing. Interior LED lighting is a nice touch.

On the other hand, this model is designed with drinks in mind, and the adjustable thermostat is limited to a range of 30 to 60 degrees. While on the small side, it really can’t be beat on the coolness factor since it really does look like an actual tool chest with a couple of fully functional tool drawers.

Perfect for the man who seems to already have every tool imaginable and is especially hard to shop for.

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