12 Steps to an Organized Garage

Is your garage so full of clutter that you can’t even fit your car in there anymore? Have you been in the unfortunate position of having to purchase an item you already own because you can’t find it in the disorganized mess? Wouldn’t it be great to have a garage that can house your car and … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mice and Critters in Your Garage

Rodents are recognized carriers of disease and can cause a lot of destruction to your garage and home. Whether you have mice, voles, rats, squirrels or other critters, getting rid of them can result in peace of mind and tremendous savings. It’s also important to understand that time is NOT on your side, since rats … Read more

How to Refinish a Deck and Make it Look Like New

A deck can look absolutely beautiful when it’s originally constructed. But gradually, the deck fades and turns gray. Even if the deck still serves its original purpose, you may miss its original beauty. Fortunately, there are ways to restore a deck to its original beauty. It isn’t difficult to learn how to refinish a deck. … Read more

Undo Dirt and Stains With The Best Pressure Washers

Getting the best pressure washer for the money means doing a bit of comparison shopping. If you’re a little older or have physical limitations, an electric pressure washer is much lighter and easier to use. On the other hand, gasoline engines are safer, have more pressure, and only tie you to a water source instead … Read more

Easier Cleanup With The Best Oil Drain Pans

It’s not exactly a product on the top of a person’s wish list but a decent oil drain pan makes the oil change process of capturing and recycling or disposing of old oil much easier. The best oil drain pan is large enough to tackle the biggest vehicle you own, and is built with a way to … Read more

Top Rated Garage Floor Mats and Parking Mats

Garage floor mats are designed to protect the surface of your garage floor so you’re not always dealing with oil or other car fluid stains. As an added bonus, they contain spills, which when close enough, protects your walls and objects stored on the floor. To get the best garage floor mat for your specific … Read more

The Next Generation of Garage Floor Coatings

If you open your garage door and hate what you see as far as the floor goes, then perhaps it’s time to do something about it. Flooring is one of the major factors that separates your garage from the rest of your home and often gives it a drab appearance, which makes the space undesirable … Read more

How to Properly Detail Your Car’s Exterior

The exterior of your car is what everyone sees; it’s the face of your driving experience. If you want your vehicle to look good, you have to take care of it. Knowing how to properly detail a car is a great skill to have and can even make you a few extra dollars on the … Read more

The 5 Best Push Brooms to Keep Things Clean and Tidy

Cleaning up after the job is done is something that is often overlooked, but sweeping away debris and dust are essential for both safety and workmanship. The best push broom for the money will depend on what you’re cleaning up as well as how you plan to use it. To pick up fine dust and debris, … Read more