Top Rated Garage Floor Mats and Parking Mats in 2018

Garage floor mats are designed to protect the surface of your garage floor. As an added bonus, they contain spills, which protects your walls and objects stored on the floor. To get the best garage floor mat for your specific needs, make sure that the mat you buy is plenty wide enough to park your vehicle on it. This isn’t a problem with small cars, but trucks and SUVs need a wider surface.


Auto Floor Guard Containment Mat

best-garage-floor-matThis AFG premium containment mat may be the last floor mat you will buy for your garage. Its largest size is wider (measuring 8.6′ x 20′) than other leading floor protectors, and has raised edges to help you keep the water and mud which falls from your vehicle off the floor of your garage. The raised edges are filled with a soft foam padding that will compress when you step or drive over them. This reduces the possibility of tripping, but you’ll have to be careful not to give water an avenue for draining off the containment mat.

One way to do that is to simply put towels under the edge to provide slightly more lift. You could do the same thing with small diameter wooden rods or dowels, but keep in mind that doing so increases the risk of tripping, and watch your step. The added width is perfect if you own a pickup or SUV, because other mats of this type are designed for smaller, passenger vehicles and may not fit wider ones.

The most common complaint with the Auto Floor Guard is that the thin material has a tendency to slip or bunch if you turn the wheels or even shuffle your feet near the edges. Unless you have the ability to clean the containment mat where it sits, there is not much you can do to correct this minor design flaw. Cleaning in place is not difficult, though, and can be done with a shop vac, or a mop and broom.

If you’re going to clean the best-parking-matmat in place, you can make it stay in place better by putting strips of double sided tape on the underside, running across the width of the mat. Use a strip every 18 to 24 inches, and the mat will not “crawl” when you drive over it or even if you drag a lightweight item. When taking the mat outside to clean it, you will have to be careful not to scratch or puncture the containment surface. It is made from heavy material, but will still tear easier than a similar sized-tarp.

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G-Floor Slate Gray Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

If you drive a smaller car, this G-Floor 7.5′ x 17′ garage floor mat may be an excellent option. If your garage floor rises away from the opening, as many are constructed to do, it will also be easy to sweep or mop clean. The ribbed surface channels water, which works as well as having a garage floor mat with raised edges. It is not as wide as the top pick, so getting an SUV to fit on it will require a little practice. The mat comes on a roll that makes it easy to maneuver, but being rolled on the spool for a long period is also the biggest single complaint.

For the best results, unroll it facedown on the driveway, or your lawn for several hours of exposure to direct sunlight. That will loosen the rolls so that the mat will lie flat when it is installed. Like the AFG mat, this one has a tendency to bunch up if you turn your wheels, but double-sided tape is an easy and inexpensive solution. Even with the ribbing, this mat can be very slippery when wet. There is not much you do to correct that, so be careful walking on it when you have brought the car in during a rain shower.

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