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Working under a car or truck is not the time to wonder just how safe you are with the front of your 5,000 pound SUV being held up by the cheap scissor-type jack that was in the trunk. If you ever do any work on your car or truck, a good quality hydraulic floor jack is a must. Even though all floor jacks have the same purpose, there are big differences in safety and performance.

When looking to buy a floor jack, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. How much weight do you need it to lift? What is the maximum height you will need it to reach? How portable do you need it to be? With so many models to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the options so we’ve done that for you. Below are what we believe to be the two best floor jacks your money can buy.


Powerzone 380044 3-Ton Floor Jack

best-floor-jackThe #1 selling Powerzone is a 3-ton aluminum and steel floor jack that would look great in anyone’s garage. While the lightweight aluminum frame saves some weight the heavy duty steel lift arm along with the rest of the made-to-last construction make the 380044 weight in at almost 60 pounds. This is a good thing. Lift range is anywhere from a low 4 inches all the way to 18-1/4 inches. The long handle and dual hydraulics means you can jack your car up almost effortlessly in about 6 pumps. Give the handle a slow twist to bring it back down slow and smooth with an easily controlled decent. If you’re thinking about getting a Craftsman from Sears, save yourself some money and get a better, more durable garage floor jack instead.

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Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Floor Jack

top-rated-floor-jackExtremely well-built, the Arcan is a professional quality, 3-ton aluminum low profile jack that can go where others don’t. With its 3-3/4 inch to 18-1/8 inch lift range, it’s great for lowered imports and sports cars to pickups and SUVs. While it comes close to the lift speed of the Powerzone, it requires even less effort to use. It also uses dual pump pistons to achieve this. Those with small garages can simply use one half of the 2-piece handle and still life with ease. Decent is slow and easily controlled. Since the ALJ3T is made from mostly aluminum and has side handles, you’ll have any easier time lifting it and putting it in your trunk if needed. The Arcan ALJ3T is perfect for do-it-yourself mechanics and enthusiasts. A little more spendy than the Powerzone, it’s worth every penny.

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3 Responses to “Jacked Up! – Top Rated Floor Jacks”
  1. Dave Bolt

    I retired and bought a 1951 international harvest pickup. The frame is 18 inches from the ground, the truck has leaf springs so the axles will drop. I need at least 26 inches of lift from the floor jack. This a hobby and I am married, so I have to keep cost down. Any Idea?

    • Chris

      A Hi-Lift jack would be great for this. They are really handy for other stuff too (as a winch, helping dig out stubborn roots when removing trees/large shrubs, raising subfloors, etc.)

    • Ma66ot

      Use a floor jack with a piece of 4×4 wood on top, jack up the truck from under the axle, so no axle drop. use tall jack stands. if still not high enough, let down the jack and use a larger block of lumber.

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