What’s That Leak? Types of Car Fluids and Their Colors

You pull your car out of the driveway, then notice something unusual in the spot your car just left. There’s a small dark spot there, a small puddle of some vehicle fluid, and you don’t know what. Is it normal? Is it bad? There are a few different types of vehicle fluids, and while some are … Read more

Best Car Battery Chargers to Keep the Power Flowing

When looking for the best car battery charger, there are a couple of things that every model should have. The ability to charge 6 and 12 volt batteries is important, since lawn tractors and yard equipment often use a 6 volt system. Also, having a float charging system that will not overcharge the battery can … Read more

Easier Cleanup With The Best Oil Drain Pans

It’s not exactly a product on the top of a person’s wish list but a decent oil drain pan makes the oil change process of capturing and recycling or disposing of old oil much easier. The best oil drain pan is large enough to tackle the biggest vehicle you own, and is built with a way to … Read more

Top Rated Wheel Chocks Are Cheap Insurance

Anytime you lift one end of a vehicle, you should use a good set of wheel chocks for all tires remaining on the ground. If you own a set of vehicle ramps, high quality chocks are a great companion tool to give you more stability and enhanced safety. The best wheel chocks will be light enough … Read more

How to Use a Timing Light to Set Ignition Timing

You need to adjust timing on a car for many older models (those which have a distributor) to maintain the best possible performance. When timing is neglected, you can suffer poor gas mileage, less power when you hit the gas and eventually degrading problems that might keep the engine from running. While you can get … Read more

The Best Car Ramps Put Safety First

The best car ramps for small and medium sized cars have a moderate incline specifically to address the low ground to frame clearance of sports cars and sedans. Those with trucks or SUVs may get by with using ramps with a sharper incline but what’s the point when the more gradual incline ramps accommodate pretty much … Read more

Why a DIY Oil Change Beats the Dealership

Probably the most important routine maintenance any vehicle needs is an engine oil change. Many consider changing oil an easy “do it yourself” auto maintenance task that anyone can take on, but you might wonder why you should bother. Is there a benefit to doing an oil change at your home instead of taking it … Read more

5 Best Car Buffers and Polishers for that Showroom Shine

Buffing or polishing (the terms mean the same) a car used to be a job only professional detailers could do correctly. When polishing, you’re essentially smoothing out the surface of your vehicle by removing a thin layer of clear coat (clear layer on top of paint). This is done to remove deep stains, oxidization, and … Read more

5 Best Engine Hoists and Levelers

Whether you’re a weekend mechanic restoring that ’68 Chevy Nova or work in an auto repair shop, you’ll be doing some major engine work at some point or another. Unlike the days of Henry Ford, modern car engines are very difficult to work on without removing the entire engine, and the blocks are far too … Read more

Top 6 Fuel Injector Cleaners in 2019 – What Actually Works?

As most car owners understand, fuel efficiency is important whether its for the environment or simply to save money at the fuel pump. However, you might be unaware of the fact that a fuel injector regulates the amount of fuel an automobile consumes. As the name suggests, a fuel injector discharges gasoline into the car’s … Read more