The Best Lug Wrenches For Your Money

The top lug wrenches offer you something that is not available with the default tools your car comes with. Adding length to the handle makes any lug wrench a better tool, and it is the most useful improvement you are likely to find. Longer handles and more socket options are what give the top rated lug wrenches their superiority, and all of the top picks presented here include both traits. You will also appreciate that these are quality tools, not cheap pieces of metal that will bend or wear out after only a use or two.


Gorilla Automotive 1721 Telescoping Power Wrench

best-lug-wrenchThe most common problem you might face with a flat tire is that the lugs are too tight for the lug wrench of tire iron that came with your car. The Gorilla 1721 Power Wrench solves that problem by increasing your leverage with a telescoping handle. Even lugs that were put on at the shop with impact wrenches are easier to loosen, and then you can shorten the handle so it spins all the way around for quick removal. You will like the way the handle collapses for easy storage so you can stow it away instead of leaving it to rattle around in the trunk. Unlike the competition, the Gorilla Power Wrench has a spring-loaded locking mechanism to keep it extended when you need the extra length.

gorilla-lug-wrench-reviewThe biggest drawback you might have with the Gorilla 1721 is with the socket sizes. Even though it is advertised as fitting all sizes, the included sockets are actually designed for standard American SAE sizes, not metrics. This means that you could scratch fancy lugs or round the corners on cheap ones. The solution is a simple one, but means you will need purchase extra parts. The sockets use a standard ½ inch drive connector, allowing you to replace the sockets with true metric sizes that fit the ones on your car more securely.

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Ken-Tool 35663 18” 4-Way Lug Wrench

best-4way-lug-wrenchThe problem with so many 4-way lug wrenches made today is that they are not long enough to get much leverage on the lugs. The Ken-Tool 35663 is only 4 inches longer than the Performance Tool below, but those 4 inches could easily mean the difference between changing your tire or being stuck on the side of the road. Another reason the 35663 is one of the best lug wrenches is that it is sized for metric lugs, something that most people need these days since even American vehicles are switching over to the metric system. On the other hand, the Ken-Tool 35663 has thick socket ends. If you have custom rims or factory rims, this tool may not fit inside the recess. For length and socket sizing, the 35663 is a top rated tire tool, just make sure that you have ample room around the lugs before you purchase it. Best for trucks and SUVs.

Dorman 711-900 AutoGrade Lug Wrench

best-folding-lug-wrenchThe Dorman 711-900 makes the grade as one of the better lug wrenches because it comes with thin wall sockets that you can use with custom rims and recessed lugs. The handle extends to a full 21 inches to give you more leverage, and then slides together for fast lug nut removal. The double-ended sockets mean you get 4 sizes with fewer pieces, but you may have a problem with proper fits on metric lugs. To eliminate the problem, you can throw in a deep well socket with the correct metric size. This lug wrench is one of the most innovative designs you will find. The cost is significantly lower than the leading competitor, but you will be sacrificing an inch of handle length, and that means a little less leverage.

Performance Tool (W2) 14″ 4-Way Lug Wrench

good-cheap-lug-wrenchThe Performance Tool 4-Way is the best solution if you have vehicles that use multiple lug sizes. Instead of having to keep up with several different sockets to match your vehicles, you can just slip the appropriate sized arm over the lug and get to work. Unlike the leading competitors, Performance Tool uses metric sizing which improves performance and reduces marring and rounding of your metric lugs, although the actual measurements are closer to American SAE than true metric equivalents. The major drawback is that the 4-way handle is only 14 inches long, which is great for compact storage but is a serious reduction in leverage when you have to remove lugs that were installed by impact wrenches at the shop. As long as you do most of your own tire changes and rotations, the reduced leverage will not be much of a problem.


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