Top Rated Air Hose Reel in 2018 for Convenience and Organization

If you’re a serious Do It Yourselfer, you obviously understand the benefits of a home air compressor. But have you discovered the awesomeness of a good air hose reel for your shop? A safe and organized garage is key. The best air hose reel will put a stop to common annoyances and safety hazards such as getting the hose constantly tangled around your feet or other objects and tripping you up, having to slowly unfurl the air hose and then spending time to coil it back up.

When buying a hose reel, look for a heavy duty hose and a reel that is made of quality materials. Reels that weigh a hefty amount, are typically built with long term use in mind. Keep in mind that you will be using this reel a lot over the years, so go ahead and invest enough to pick up a high quality piece of equipment.


Coxreels Air Hose Reel With Hose

Coxreels manufactures a wide range of hoses and reels, manufactured in Tempe Arizona since 1923. Their retractable air hose reel provides you with 50 ft of 3/8 inch hose that can handle internal air pressure of up to 300 psi. It features a spring driven mechanism that keeps your hose organized and avoids kinks. It’s made from professional grade steel and includes axle support for durability and trouble-free operation.

The ratcheting design allows you to lock the hose at the position you need, and precision bearings that operate smoothly under most work conditions. It’ll pair nicely with that new Ingersoll Rand air ratchet you just got, impact gun, digital tire inflator, or other air tool. Designed to be mounted in a variety of positions, this reel can be attached to the floor, ceiling, wall, or even mounted on a service vehicle. The nitrile swivel seals are also resistant to oils, and the hose is rated for use in temperatures up to 150 degrees.

coxreels-air-hose-reviewThe biggest problem you may experience is that the reel retracts the hose very quickly, and could cause the hose end to flop around. For safe operation, always hold the hose and feed it back to the reel, avoiding possible damages from a loose hose end. When pulling the hose out, you will hear a ratcheting sound which marks the lock positions, and then you only need to pull the hose again to release the lock and begin retracting.

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Goodyear L815153G Retractable Air Hose Reel

Hose reel model L815153G is assembled in the USA, with the reel made in China and the hose manufactured in the USA. The hose included with this unit is actually our pick for best air hose. It provides you with a typical 50 feet of  3/8” hose, and is designed for light to medium duty operation. The base is designed for mounting on a wide variety of surfaces, and includes an adjustable hose stop so you only pull out the amount of hose you need.

Unlike lower quality plastic reels, the 4671 will not deform, crack or crumble, even when used in areas with corrosive liquids or oils. Designed for use in temperatures ranging from -40 to 190 degrees, it uses 4 rollers and a patented collar to ensure smooth operation. The guide arms can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, and the 12 position ratcheting reel means you can lock the hose where you need it.

There have been a few complaints about the hose end not being crimped on as well as it should be, but this can be easily corrected by either re-crimping or replacing the factory hose end with an end of your own. Other than that, there is very little to complain about, and this hose reel lives up to the quality standards of the Goodyear Corporation, with a 2 year limited warranty to back it up.

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Tekton 46875 Dual Arm Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Tekton is a family owned and operated tool company with decades of experience in producing high quality tools. Considered the best hose reel by mechanics and nail gun users alike, the 46875 is designed to fit well into any shop or garage. It provides a typical 50 ft by 3/8 inch hose that can handle temperature extremes from -40 to 190 degrees without losing flexibility or compromising the integrity of the hose. The dual arm design reduces stress on the winding mechanism, and the ratcheting design makes it easy to pull out only the amount of hose you need, without any backward tension while you work. It comes with a handy mounting template, a 90-degree swivel inlet valve, and an O-ring replacement kit.

Where problem are concerned, the most common issue is with adjusting the double arm, a problem which is most likely related to lack of information in the user’s manual rather than a flaw in the product. Additionally, you may need to secure the stub-out connector to prevent it from rotating with the reel as the hose unwinds. The good news is that the company stands behind their products and will work with you to fix any problems you encounter.

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A Quick Note About the Flexzilla Air Hose Reel:

For some reason, the Flexzilla air hose reel is quite popular. My guess is because of the lower price point than others . My recommendation? Stay away! Not only is a good portion of it made out of plastic, the hose just isn’t very good quality. There have been multiple reports (like this one) of the hose bursting while under the manufacturer’s maximum PSI rating. Also, it has one of the weakest retracting mechanisms on a hose reel… the main thing a hose reel is intended to do. Any of the options above are infinitely better options.


4 thoughts on “Top Rated Air Hose Reel in 2018 for Convenience and Organization

  1. Regarding the Flexzilla. If you continue to read down the thread he contacted Legacy and they made it right and paid for return of the hose for their research dept. Kudos to Legacy customer service.

    Regarding their reel, Legacy has a fix/instructions for those who need a stronger reel. It involves disassembly of the outer cover and wrapping the reel 2 times. Reportedly this makes it good to go with reportedly years of service.

    I do not own one. Just doing lots of research on reels for a purchase for my employer.

    • Thanks Mike. Appreciate the info. I’m still not sold on the Flexzilla as anything more than a light-duty reel but I do have to admit their customer service at least has a good reputation.

  2. I work in the commercial tire business and I have worked with different brands of hose reels over my 35 years in the business and I can honestly say Cox reels are the best! So when I needed one for my own workshop I purchased the Cox reel

    • I completely agree Dave. I don’t personally own all the tools recommended on this site but the Coxreels has definitely gotten a lot of use in my garage over the years. It just feels like it’ll last forever.

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