6 Best Air Impact Wrenches for Dependable Torque

best air impact wrench

The best air impact wrenches are able to put out more torque than you might think, so the drive mechanism cannot be poorly manufactured. Because commercial use is often in heavy work areas where the equipment itself takes a few hard knocks, you should check that the casing is as heavy duty as the guts. … Read more

3 Best 3/8″ Air Ratchets That Are a Huge Time Saver

best 3/8" air ratchet

Trying to find the best 3/8″ air ratchet for the money may seem like a daunting search, but there are several great options to choose from. Look for a quality-built ratchet that supplies sufficient torque for your specific applications, and is designed for extended use. A good 3/8” air ratchet combines useful features and includes a … Read more

6 Best Air Compressors for a Garage (That You Won’t Regret)

An air compressor, by itself, is not really a tool you can get a bunch of things done with. Instead, it’s a necessary power source for other air tools. Tools such as an air impact wrench, air ratchet, brad nailer, blow gun, grinder, and even a small sandblaster can all be run using compressed air. This makes … Read more

6 Best Air Compressor Hoses That Won’t Kink

air compressor hose reviews

Think that any air hose will do for your new compressor? Think again. With the amount of time most people spend researching and reading air compressor reviews, the air hose usually isn’t given much thought. Most good compressors don’t include an air hose and some of the lower end models include a low quality coiled air … Read more