Do The Job Right With The Best Air Impact Wrenches in 2018

The best air impact wrenches are able to put out more torque than you might think, so the drive mechanism cannot be poorly manufactured. Because commercial use is often in heavy work areas where the equipment itself takes a few hard knocks, you should check that the casing is as sturdy as the guts. Make sure that your impact tools have a half-inch drive, because anything less is not going to handle a heavy workload without frequent overhauls. These top rated air impact wrenches were chosen to meet those requirements, and have some additional benefits of their own.

Obviously, you’ll need a good enough air compressor for impact wrench use and something like a Goodyear air hose which can put up with a lot of “dirty floor” abuse. If working around cars, a good retractable air hose reel is highly recommended.

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AirCat 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench

The AirCat 1150 is the top ranked tool in its class for both performance and quiet operation, making it an impressive air impact wrench. Professionals will tell you that it performs as well or better than similar guns which sell for much higher prices.

If you need the AirCat for working on engines or older vehicles, you will like the torque this gun can generate, with a moderately slow hammer speed that is intended to remove bolts rather than break them. It is much quieter than most of impact wrenches, generating only about 86db at maximum pressure. An AirCat 1150 can even be rebuilt by the user, which will reduce your costs over time compared to tools which have to go back to the factory.

aircat-1150-impact-wrench-reviewYou will not find many complaints about the AirCat 1150, but one key item comes up fairly often. The drive mechanism, called an anvil, does not secure the sockets very well. This is easy to work around by simply putting a small piece of paper over the anvil as you slip the socket on, which adds just enough extra dimension to hold your sockets firmly in place.

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NitroCat 1200-K Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench

For quiet operation and high performance, the NitroCat 1200-K is second only to its cousin, the AirCat 1150. It’s a favorite with NHRA race teams, which is a good indication of how well it can handle hard use and heavy handling. The biggest noticeable difference between this tool and the AirCat 1150 is that this one is quite a bit larger, even though they both weigh the same.

When you’re first getting used to this tool you have to remember that it has a lot of torque, and you could easily wring off bolts. After you become familiar with it, you will learn to avoid this problem. The NitroCat comes with a 2 year warranty and you can rebuild it yourself after the warranty expires. Unlike the AirCat, the anvil is better designed and sockets will not slip as much unless they are worn from use.

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Ingersoll-Rand 231C 1/2-Inch Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench

You can’t go wrong with Ingersoll-Rand tools as the brand currently makes the best air ratchet in the biz. While not flashy, the 231C has power and build quality at an affordable price. The worst complaints with it concern the manual, not the tool itself. If you do not understand the instructions for subjects like where to keep it oiled, you can get telephone tech support to explain items which are unclear in the manual. Otherwise, the 231C is a highly rated air impact wrench for any application.

Of all the best 1/2″ air impact wrenches, it is by far the loudest, so be sure to use hearing protection when using it. The anvil allows you to swap sockets easily, but you may run into a problem with them slipping off if your sockets have some age and wear. As with the AirCat 1150, using a small piece of paper between the anvil and the socket will let you use those older sockets for a lot longer without having to buy new ones. It may seem like a cheesy fix, but all you need is to add a tiny amount of width, and paper is easy to come by.

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9 thoughts on “Do The Job Right With The Best Air Impact Wrenches in 2018

  1. The Aircat 1150 does not deliver as advertised. It is supposed to deliver 1295 ft lbs in reverse, but I had mine tested by the factory and it only delivered 375 ft lbs. They said that nothing was wrong with it, but would not comment on the difference between advertised 1295 ft lbs and 375 ft lbs actual in their testing department.

    • That’s really odd. While I believe you’re right that they probably over state the torque in their specs (as other manufacturers do), I find it hard to believe it’s that big of a difference. Using both the AirCat and NitroCat, the power feels similar (both rated at 1,295 of loosening torque). I’ve never had it fail to take a nut off, even on an old rusted clunker. Curious why you had it tested? By a local shop or manufacturer?

      • As I stated in my original comment, I had the wrench tested at the factory. I had it tested because it would remove only 2 of the 8 lug nuts on each of my 2 rear wheels on my pickup. I removed the other 6 with my torque wrench set at 150 ft lbs in reverse.

        One rep at the manufacturer said that the 1150 AirCat needed at least 8 cfm and 12 to 15 would be much better along with 1/2″ hose no longer than 10 to 20 feet and 3/8″ fittings from an air compressor that had at least 150 psi.

        Seems like a very stringent set of requirements just to get an air impact wrench to remove the lug nuts on a pickup.

        • I’m a professional diesel mechanic, and ive been using the 1/2 in. nitro cat 1200k for about a year now. it can easily remove bud wheel nuts torqued at 550. and while putting them back on, i cant run the gun too hard because it over torques them and the torque wrench clicks immediately.

    • I’ve fairly recently switched to a cordless impact wrench and probably won’t go back. Yes, it’s more expensive but the amount of torque you can get from today’s cordless models is really amazing. It’s all a personal preference though.

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