3 Best 3/8″ Air Ratchets That Are a Huge Time Saver

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Trying to find the best 3/8″ air ratchet for the money may seem like a daunting search, but there are several great options to choose from.

Look for a quality-built ratchet that supplies sufficient torque for your specific applications, and is designed for extended use.

A good 3/8” air ratchet combines useful features and includes a comfort grip handle that will not wear you down. It’s also important to pair your pneumatic ratchet with a good air compressor, because having a sufficient amount of air flow is what allows the ratchet to do its thing.

No single tool has all of the best features, but one of the models below should have the right amount of power and features for your specific requirements.

3/8″ Air Ratchet Reviews

#1 – Ingersoll-Rand 109XPA 3/8” Air Ratchet

The Ingersoll-Rand 3/8″ air ratchet is a workhorse among air tools. You will like the way the exhaust can be turned, allowing you to direct the airflow away from your face and the work area, reducing problems with dust and dirt being blown around.

The 109XPA gives you 70 foot-pounds of torque, which is sufficient to remove almost any nut or bolt. One of the handiest features of this air ratchet is the push button operation, giving you more control over the amount of torque than you can ingersoll-rand-109XPA-reviewget from lever and trigger operated air ratchets.

A small negative with the IR 109XPA is the size of the tool. While it’s our top rated 3/8 inch air ratchet, it is also among the largest and may not work well in confined spaces. As long as you are working in open areas, the design and comfortable grip are worth a little added weight.

As an industrial tool, Ingersoll-Rand air ratchets are considered to be the best on the market. Even the larger size and increased weight are a benefit, because that often indicates higher manufacturing standards and components that will stand the test of time.

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#2 – Aircat 805-HT 3/8” Ratchet

Aircat tools make some excellent air ratchets for a couple of reasons. If you’re trying to keep the noise level to a minimum, the Aircat 805-HT is one of the quietest ratchets available (84 dB).

And if you need some power… this one’s got it.

130 ft lbs of torque to be exact, more than any of its competitors. Keep in mind that’s A LOT of torque and if you’re not careful, a finger/wrist injury could result. Same goes for its “big brother” air impact wrench version.

The ergonomic design gives you an easy grip, but the lever placement means you have less control over the torque being applied. Because of that, this powerful air socket wrench may have a tendency to twist in your hands, and nobody likes scraping the skin off their knuckles.

Wear safety glasses when using this Aircat, as it may blow dust or grit up into your face and eyes if the work environment is dry or dirty. While it has more than enough torque, it is a bit slower than others.

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#3 – Campbell Hausfeld PL1501 3/8” Pneumatic Ratchet

At the lower-torque end of these air ratchets, the PL1501 is small enough fit into tight spaces. It only provides 55 ft lbs of torque, but that should be sufficient for any small or medium jobs.

What sets this tool apart is the size and weight, which are great features if you use air tools on a regular basis. The design is more ergonomic than you will find in a larger-sized ratchet, and that means you can use it longer without tiring your hands or having your fingers cramp from the extended gripping motion.

It may not be the best air ratchet for every job, but it is perfect for small jobs and occasional use.

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