Essential Tools For Your Garage or Workshop

For a homeowner, a well-equipped garage not only makes projects around the house or working on your car possible, it can actually make them more effective and even enjoyable. For those that simply pay professionals to do minor car maintenance and repairs or home improvement projects, usually the only things in the way of saving a lot of money are the right tools for the job. Whether it’s a simple oil change or building a new deck in your backyard, knowing the job is done right to their standards is very assuring.

These days, step by step instructions and videos for virtually any project are only a Google search away. Most people are very capable of doing certain jobs themselves that would normally cost an arm and a leg hiring a professional to do. Not knowing if they have the right tools and equipment is what stops many from the satisfaction of doing it themselves.

Keep in mind that there are a lot more tools than most people has space or money for. Sometimes it’s just not wise purchasing certain tools unless you actually plan on using them frequently or have enough garage space and money that it doesn’t matter. Often, it simply makes more sense to borrow from a neighbor or rent from a home improvement or auto parts store.

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These days, power tools seem to get all the attention but the fact is that hand tools are some of the most indispensable and commonly used tools for both new do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors. Everybody should have a basic set of hand tools around the house. This includes a good socket set, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, a hammer, combination wrench set, tape measurer, and maybe some pliers.

In addition to those, quite a few other hand tools can be considered as essentials. These may include vise grips, side cutters, utility knife, mallet, wire strippers, and more. If you’re on a limited budget, it’s recommended to start building up your collection of hand tools first. Also, if space is a limitation (small garage, live in an apartment, etc.), hand tools can fit where many power tools can’t.

The biggest advantage of power tools is productivity. Simply put, they enable you to get more done in less time and effort. They also allow you to do things that simply aren’t possible with hand tools. Probably the most essential and versatile power tool of them all is the cordless drill. You can use it to quickly make holes for bolts, make large round holes for things such as doorknobs and drains, use it as a power screwdriver, and even polish your car with it (when you add a polishing attachment). Other power tools well worth the money are the circular saw and bench grinder. For hobbyists, a dremel tool is invaluable.

Power tools are jokingly referred to as “tailed apprentices” due to their electrical cords. With advances in technology, a large amount of tools are now cordless. Each year we see lighter yet more powerful models. While hand tools are pretty much as advanced as they can get, the sky is the limit for power tools which will continue to improve through advancements in technology.

Does your garage have an air compressor? If not, you’re missing out. You wouldn’t believe how much time you will save when using air tools compared with comparable hand tools. Putting in a new fence in your backyard? A nail gun will save you hours of time and wear on your body over using a traditional hammer. Need to switch your tires after the winter? An air-powered impact gun makes it almost too easy.

You can also use compressed air to clean dust out of hard to reach areas or inflate tires and kid toys. Whether you start off with a small portable 3-gallon unit or large 30-gallon unit to put in the corner of the garage, you’ll soon understand how valuable air tools are.

Those who work on their own cars (and of course professional mechanics), have an additional category of tools to work with. A floor jack is one of the best investments you can make if you plan on working on your car. Sure you can use the flimsy jack that’s probably in your trunk right now to change a flat tire if you’re out on the road but if you’re in the comfort of your garage, a floor jack is much safer and it will save you a lot of time, effort, probably even swearing. Other items such as jack stands, an oil drain pan, and brake bleeding kit are also good ones to have.

Having the right safety equipment on hand in your garage is something too many people overlook. At the very least, every garage needs to have a working fire extinguisher. Do you do a lot of work on cars? If so, a good set of jack stands can literally keep you from getting crushed. Even better would be a car lift for both safety and comfort if your budget allows. Inexpensive items such as safety goggles, gloves, flashlight, and first aid kit should be a priority for anyone who spends time in their garage for any other reason than getting in and out of their car.

Various electrical tools are available that helpful and even necessary in some cases. Those working on cars will benefit most from these. Unless you have a car that was manufactured prior to 1996, an OBDII code reader will pay for itself quickly. A multimeter and electrical test light are both great tools to have for any type of electrical troubleshooting. With any electrical tools, make sure you understand how to use them correctly by carefully reading the included manual. There’s a bit more to it than using a tool like a hammer.

Whether your tool collection is just starting to take shape or you already own every tool imaginable, you will need somewhere to store them for organization and to keep them within easy reach. A sturdy work bench is a must-have item and should be the centerpiece of most garages. Above it you can add cabinets and underneath, some shelving to maximize the space. A free-standing shelving unit (or 2 or 8) will allow you to store most of your medium to large tools in an organized manner.

A big enough tool cabinet or chest with drawers is ideal for storing hand tools or anything that can easily get lost. Small storage bins can be attached to the wall or sit on top of shelving to keep nuts, bolts, small bulbs, fuses, and other small items organized. A wall rack with hooks is great for hanging brooms, rakes, or extension cords. A ceiling bike rack is perfect for hanging up bikes and keeping them out of the way. This is one area where you can get real creative to put together the best garage storage system for your needs.

Working on the car or home improvement project is often frustrating or even downright painful. Ever burned yourself on a hot exhaust pipe or scrapped your knuckles when the wrench slipped? Something as simple as a decent set of mechanics gloves or work gloves would probably have prevented the incident. Have a bad back? Adding a garage stool will let you work in comfort.

Live in a cold climate? Installing a garage heater makes working in the garage tolerable in the winter time. You can even plug in mini fridge to keep the beer cold and a stereo to make working more enjoyable. Ever considered keeping a dedicated laptop in the garage? You should! If you’re ever stuck on a project, the solution can almost always be found online.

Nobody wants to work in a filthy garage. Not only is it embarrassing, but safety is an issue. A wet/dry Shop Vac is one of the most used items in my garage. A good solid push broom will keep your floor clean and a decent quality oil drain pan is required for oil changes. For some, a sand (or abrasive) blast cabinet is invaluable. It will quickly remove rust, paint, corrosion, or dirt from all sorts of surfaces. Hot water pressure washers are fantastic for cleaning grease and oil off garage floors, patio, or driveway.

While not everyone will have the need to do any welding, it’s a great skill to have, especially when working with cars. While there are different types of welding, Oxy Acetylene welding is often the most beneficial and should be learned first in most cases. You are basically melting two pieces of metal and fusing them together at an atomic level. With welding, you will also need to buy a welding torch, hoses, tanks, tips and other items. For safety, a welding helmet, gloves, and maybe even a welding jacket are also necessary. Welding is not cheap to get started in but if you have the need, it makes a lot of sense to learn as opposed to paying others to do it for you.